How’s it going Dazzlers? Welcome BACK to Daz Games and another Daz Watches! In today’s video we will be diving into the scariest videos on TikTok!

I may not believe in ghost or the supernatural, but you best believe I don’t go messing around with it either. Worst I do is watch these TikToks and plau scary games thank you very much.

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  1. We have a camera in our living room but that’s only because we live with my grandma and if we’re not home and something happens or like if she falls we’ll immediately know from the camera and we can call someone to go over and help her if no one else is there and since she takes blood thinners she bruises more easily so we have to be very careful about that but yeah we do occasionally catch some supernatural sh!t on the camera that’s for sure and I honestly I’m done with it I don’t want to know what Supernatural sh!t is going on in my house I don’t wanna know you can review the footage if you want but don’t show it to me I don’t wanna see it I don’t wanna know if it happens and I don’t know about it fine cuz that’s the way I wanna keep it unknown 😂

  2. when daz says when theres a sound downstairs. what is it? dont know. me litterally 000000000.01 seconds later: AND DONT CARE.

  3. As a child, I used to sit in my grandma's wooden rocking chair because it kept me busy and I wasn't literally bouncing off the walls and breaking furniture lol

  4. Just because I don’t believe in it doesn’t mean I want to piss off the devil 😂😂😂

  5. That baby one though getting moved up the side of the cot ohhhh hell no move immediately and sage the heck out of that room, great video daz love your videos they give me life I am trying to build up my channel to but having a brain disease sucks because I have trouble trying to edit it sucks and I can’t afford for someone to edit them for me

  6. 11:10 is from a film called paranormal activity, there are multiple films of it. (I think there is 7 films all together) It is all fake and very well made and I do receive watching them if you can find where to watch them

  7. I agree that we don’t need rocking chairs I use one whilst I play Warzone and it’s the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever sat on.

  8. The reason people make multiple parts it's because either they're running out of time or they just want to end it quickly so they can check what the heck is going on.

  9. In part three when the the door on the right slammed it scared me so Much tho, I put my hands on my face so fast hahhahah

  10. The one where the baby almost got lifted out of the crib I’m pretty sure it’s from paranormal activity


  12. “Look close or you might miss it”
    Me: seeing some random bear in the background 0-0

  13. As a Christian what's more unsettling is the fact that these things are all real. Ghosts, "hauntings", random noses that don't make sense. It's all demons and witches with spells. Ghosts aren't real but demons are definitely real.

  14. The one where the baby is being pulled out of the crib I swear is from paranormal activity lol if not it looks damn close to it

  15. Did no one else notice that in one of the clips it was literally a scene from paranormal activity

  16. The one that’s the colour blue cuz it’s night is from a film I’m pretty sure cuz it looks familiar

  17. “Just because I don’t believe in that doesn’t mean I wanna piss off the devil”- Daz

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