How’s it going Dazzlers? Welcome BACK to Daz Games, and we are back with another Daz Watches. Today we are going to be watching a video where people get a procedure done to get TALLER?! It’s insanity, I know, but it’s also fascinating. PewDiePie apparently also reacted to this and you all wanted me to take a look, so here we go!

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  1. I'm a guy who is 5'6 and 198 pounds in body wieght and training to become a bodybuilder and have body dismorphia but yes being short sucks but love yourself don't change yourself for someone else's satisfaction

  2. I’d like to say when I was watching this video I was very scared because I have to get my hips back to the same hight 😅

  3. I get people want to change there height, but my question is, what would happen if you got into a car accident and both of your thighs broke in two in the spot where they made the cut to put the rod in.

    I can imagine them having to reopen the leg because we can't forget that your bones are not their natural length anymore. Not sure if structural integrity of the bone can even remain strong without the rod in the middle of the bone.

  4. I honestly don’t care as long as there’s respect and they make me laugh and treat me right I don’t care how tall they are clove ur videos daz xx

  5. Ouuu ouch I don't have an attitude I have a personality ppl can't handle lol my bf is the same height I mean is taller guys preferred it was but I met the love of my life n I'm ok with his height love sheilds all. Love u daz

  6. see. everyone has preferences right? even for some its at least meniscal but I just think people are to pressured by what they think the majority likes, that they lack confidence in themselves. When realistically there is someone out there for them. I'm a tall gal. 5'10, and I have always been hard on myself saying that there are no guys out there who would like me due to my height. So although its not everyone's cup of tea – I've experienced plenty of guys who do like a taller lady so I've tried to be more confident about it. That's why I think we're always too focused on this 'majority' and try to live up to its expectations because that's what we think everybody wants when its not true.

    Theres a someone out there for everyone. Its cheesy but true.

    and I personally couldn't give a shite what height a guy is. Hell my bf is shorter than me and I love the fella all the same lol

  7. daz i love ur channel ur messages are so true and u ( unlike other youtubers ) actually have a brain and the things u say are the things i always want to say to others i love the fact that u send good meseges u are the first youtuber so far that ive actually seen in 10 years that actually says good meseges !

  8. Am I the only woman that loves short, petite build, glasses, bearded, rugged & a bit wrinkled lol. I don’t like the typical tall dark & handsome look at all.

  9. Another thing to take into consideration is that at the end of all of this… every funeral I’ve ever went to, people say things like: gosh she was a sweet woman, great personality or sense of style, always offering a free hand. Not things like: gosh that lip filler or geez her body was so nice. Personally, I would rather hear comments about how I was as a person in my final days instead of useless remarks.

  10. I’m 24 and about 5’7/5’8 I honestly could care less about height in a relationship as long as they are treating you well who cares

  11. Daz is so good, like he is a great comedian but he can give great advice and be such a nice person keep it up daz

  12. I really don't care about height in a guy. My husband is 5'11" but that's not why I married him.

  13. I dread to think of the consequences if them rods corrode or if the bones become weak due to age and it's unable to support the rods 😣

  14. Daz has such a down to earth way of teaching lessons while also providing top tier entertainment

  15. I 9hysucally cannot stand out. I'm 5'4.5 and I 15. I'm not growing but all I want is a sexy beard. That's all I care

  16. I personally like guys who are like 5,8 (I’m 5,6) I like to be able to look in my partners eyes. My boyfriend is 6,2 and I low key hate not being able to play with his hair or kiss his forehead

  17. For the question do you like a taller man I would say only a couple inches taller but I dont really care

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