1. I don’t really understand the “3 characters thing” like does she act like she needs therapy because she really seems she does, or does she act like she’s mentally ill and supports trump and all that?

  2. i figured out the our third life girl is a feminasi bc she thinks women should own men basically she said women deserve more rights than men well not true and we dont deserve more rights than women so its even but thats what causes me to hate feminism im not saying its all feminists but thats how my brain works bc its horrible to hear women say that yeh ill admit men have been shitty to women in the past but not every man is bad and thats what she needs to undersatnd but clearly she wont bc shes got it all in her head that women should have all power over men im just done dont get me wrong i find her hysterical when shes acting but when shes being serious about that type of stuff thats just when all men should have a drinking habit but whys it always men ffs im actually done with men just quit theres nothing we can do just quit

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