Daz Watches No School, No Medicine, No Rules

This type of parenting is known as free range. Do you agree?

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  1. Umm if your worried about catching things that you are inoculated against from non inoculated peaple….. Think about it they can't be very effective in the first place.
    Daz I love your channel but I did not jab my daughter… Homeschooled her she did exams at school and has gone on to do high level animal care courses… Now 22 working full time.. Oh and I told them to stick chemo where the sun don't shine and I used 100% natural cancer treatment been cancer free after removal of certain body parts. and totally stand by my choices. Peace. Still watching your hilariously wonderful channel though… 😊✌️
    I'm not up for the placenta scenario tho…. Not for me… 😊🙏♥️

  2. Bro my mum tried to raise me like this and I couldn't bloody read till I was 12🤣 I got taken into fucking care, ya know why? That's necelect, that's why😭😂

  3. It’s fair to say I chose the wrong time to watch this video whilst I was eating my dinner because as soon as I saw the placenta that put me right off my bangers and mash😂

  4. I don't mind people like this as long as they don't force anything on their children and keep it away from me…

  5. tbh its there life style and they can live there life how ever they want but to ppl whos NORMAL and live there life NORMALLY this is really strange to whatch on the brighter note Daz your the best youtuber ever been whatching your vids every day and even whatch the best ones over like this one keep it up with what your doing you keep everyone happy and i hope your dream comes true where you want your daughter to work for ellon musk xD good luck with stuff and stay DAZZILING ヾ(•ω•`)o (。・∀・)ノ゙ you keep us happy [ by the way those faces took me ages to do xD]

  6. I'm a Christian but i don't believe in all that natural stuff if there's something wrong with me or my kids I'm going to the doctor

  7. I understand if you want to homeschool. Especially in America 😂 our system is crap. But get your kids medicine. Yes breast milk and natural things can help certain symptoms. But it will NOT cure cancer. Your kids can be fatal if you don’t treat them. Also you need to have some rules 😂 that kids eating leaves, do you even know which ones are toxic or poisonous??

  8. "How will calvin klein come to me instead of shawn if I'm not at 1 million" 😂 I mean looking at Shawn they'll never stop asking him.

  9. As a practicing witch. I don’t use modern medicine unless it’s an emergency. That is my choice.

    Lotus birth is a common practice in many cultures.

    Breastmilk can be used for many healing benefits. Including conjunctivitis.

    I follow my path. However my child is vaccinated, they will get medicine for ailments that I can’t safely treat the natural way ( because mundane is first before magic for the other beings in my home).

    This is a very radical way to live, and there are definitely flaws. Whilst we allow feeling the natural earth with our bare feet. The streets are not safe.

    This way is a bad representation of many like myself. Videos shared and mocked like this are the reason many are too scared to share their way of living.

  10. anti vaxxers are so harmful to our kids as well as their own and they just don’t get it.

  11. “I’m not even at a million followers, and I’m a model!” That line made me follow you

  12. She wont step on glass, she will step on a needle that had STEROIDS (or any other form of drug)

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