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Welcome to Daz Games! Here you’ll find all my Try Not To Laugh Challenge, Sketches and Reaction videos where you’ll enjoy my responses to videos from “LIFE HACKS THAT MAKE NO SENSE” and everything else on the internet you could think of. I like to do commentary walkthroughs and playthroughs of games like The Sims, ARK, GTA V, Minecraft, Horror Games and many others. New gaming videos will be posted five to six times a week. Be sure to Subscribe to never miss one!


  1. I don't have a nightmare neighbor, but I have a very strange one. Not sure what his deal is but when we first moved in, the dude, we call him Herbert, sat in his driveway smoking and looking at us. My dad being the friendly type, waved over to him, and Herbert ran into his garage as if my dad had chucked a grenade at him. From then on, whenever we watered our bushes in the front or had a yardsale, Herbert would sit and stare at us, but whenever we made some kind of friendly acknowledgement toward him, he'd run back inside. I don't know if he's just shy, intimidated by us or maybe just very socially awkward. Who knows. Kinda feel bad for him, he lives alone and has gotta be around his 80s. My brother thinks he's racist, but I don't think so, I think he's just very lonely but doesn't know how to reach out to people anymore.

  2. I loved the video but I have dealt with this bs so often. Ssssooooo often. And I'm so glad I'm not the only one cause people talk to me about gossip or I hear it in passing and I'm like 'do I not care about people enough? Am I living in a bubble?' If you want to talk to me about something I'm more than happy to listen…but I won't go put of my way to find out about people. I'm too tired. That's too much energy.

  3. Hi my name is Abigail and I'm irish I love watching you your so funny please respond to me I watch every video I know your like she's 11 and she curses well yes I do . Every irish person cures and it's funny cool love you daz from Abigail Collins Woodquay Tuam Co Galway in Ireland

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