1. Imagine ordering pizzas from your future selves if you look close at the girls they look like the joker doppelgänger’s

  2. I love Iprevail! I remember watching this music video a few years ago but didn't even know who daz was at the time. Then I saw this video in my recommended section one day and that's what led me to start watching daz!

  3. 8:538:59. I can relate because I met someone and boded with them immediately over the fact we both had the same exact 4ft tall white faux chris6tmas tree thrown at each other.

  4. VruHm.. VruHuHM. HUHM! HOAAH!
    bumblebee bumblebee bumblebeeEEEYUJAH!
    huagh… HUGJAH! mk

  5. Its really hard to think that this is serious when Daz comes in all the time with his jokes😅

  6. This is one of my favourite songs on my Spotify playlist, and I never knew daz ft in the music video 😅

  7. The way i use to say cringe things to daz 5 years ago great thing I lost that phone I keep commenting cringe shit

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