How’s it going Dazzlers? Welcome BACK to Daz Games and another Daz Watches! Today we are watching a very strange Danish CHILD SHOW called John Dillermand. It has to be one of the MOST INAPPROPRIATE CARTOONS I’VE EVER SEEN.

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  1. He still has his clothes on. It's made to desexualize body parts and make children more comfortable with their own bodies. A children's psychologist is part writer in the show. John Oliver does episode on John Dilli.

  2. Im from Denmark and i think its so hilarious that english speaking countrys are beginning to react to this.
    Im sorry to say this but we have even seen this in class

  3. we have in the night Garden in Italy too and it's like in italian but with some random English words in it to help th kid learn English and it was my favourite childhood show lol

  4. Me trying to hide my laughter at three am. Daz; DON DILLAMAN JUST CUT HIS DICK OFF also daz;his dick just made a paper air plane


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