1. I think the royal blue girl with her arms up would actually be kinda pretty if the arms weren't inflated like that staticy as hell but pretty

  2. When Karen is try get a meal in drive thro and employees got wrong meal and she got piss and she walk be like 10:33

  3. I'm here for 2 reasons
    1. It's one of dazs videos, it's great even if it's old
    2. The lady in the thumbnail is a whole fucking tailed beast boutta go beserk

  4. In some cases fashion isn’t about functionality it’s about portraying a story or idea through art in the form of something you can wear. But none the less some of these are actually just stupid

  5. I couldn’t contain my laughter when u talked about subway and the model 😂 and I couldn’t stop laughing when u kept coming up with things about that model 😂😂😂

  6. uhhhh what is the thing we all know??🤣
    I definitely know, im asking for a friend….

  7. I’m happy wearing a shirt and shorts, I’d much rather dress basic than look like a damn water balloon

  8. I forgot what's it's called but if y'all seen Spiderman No Way Home y'all know what I'm talking about

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