1. Why didn’t they just give the guy some ketamine or propofol to knock him out. Once the guy is asleep they can flip the shark over, or punch it, or something. Come on people.

  2. Shark Tank Cuban was a fish and addictive as fish the senior was moving the water rushing it like an Android fish that's what the SharkBite up thank you for the neck MRI catfish nuggets play

  3. Ngl fax is kinda pissing me off here sharks do not bite you randomly sharks bite you because they think your a seal or something and sharks are endangered most deaths that come from shark attacks come from bleeding out

  4. The shark has a chunk of your leg meat in its mouth, is still trying to rip more flesh from your body and you are more worried about the shark than your own leg? I love animals as much as the next person but if it came down to me or animals….. guess what? WE HAVING SHARK FOR DINNER! Screw that, give me something sharp, Ill kill it myself.

  5. It's not like he doesn't want help. He just values the life of the shark first, I would too. They're endangered and the man was most likely in the shark's territory and the shark was defending itself. I don't agree with killing it.

  6. 🤣love u daz bro god u make me laugh so because my grandma is not very well it was 6 in the mornin and my sister is a sleep I put my volume up and turned out my air pods were not in and well this came on HOW IS GOIN DAZLES my sister went OMG WHOS THAT I went shhh it’s nothing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Everyone in this video is bloody hilarious. I mean I'm for preserving ocean life but no he's getting eaten by a damn shark just stab it, don't lie about your medical experience with sharks, definitely don't ask ciri and don't let 2 kids just throwing shark facts about hang around 😂😂

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