1. Me as a Mom to a 9 year old girl: 😮😡 ok lil' minor, say it again! I brought you into this world, Ill take you out. Wtf is going on here, I can't even watch the whole thing, if the parents are behind this BS they need their parent cards revoked. She's so comfortable saying that shit though…wow. I'll be damned if I watch my child cuss and shit at anybody and film like world star. Bless the child…cuz wow.

  2. I like how people think that it’s her money. It’s not hers, it’s clearly her parents money but she’s flexing it to get attention or look cool.

  3. I would say i feel bad for her because the only friends and partners shell ever have are people just using her for her money, but she clearly cares more about money than human companionship

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