1. Okay guys i get it. They are drinking lean. I don’t think you need to tell me a billion times 😂😂

  2. when the comment thing about Eminem coming back on the 15th of december came up i was like holy shit on my birthday what a coincidence.AAAAAAH

  3. Does we were more Gucci God this is so funny where are you done man’s not hot you started punching it a turkey the throat all you have to do this again wants to make me tell my bloody Gucci gang

  4. daz: im not like one of these old people who doesnt get it.
    daz 2 seconds later: im just not understanding what he is saying.
    (2022 gang btw)

  5. ok, so the after-school care cart is a cart for the after-school program. in America, and here in Germany, after-school care is a program that basically babysits your child until a certain time. it's a program if no one can pick up your child

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