1. I’ve just started watching Daz and now his intro to the videos is like knowing your name it’s so fun and easy to say 😂👌

  2. I just recently found your channel, and have to say, I absolutely adore you , Daz ♥️♥️♥️

  3. I love the editing part of my videos. I love seeing something that resembles dog plop turn into a genuine video

  4. I know its been 3 years but I just want to let you know that we love you and your videos :>

  5. I chew ice cubes It’s how I get my water in and I just like to it’s good but jeez that big of a solid piece of ice sheesh

  6. i kinda just want one of these to throw it on the ground w all my strength and watch it shatter into pieces dramatically

  7. Hey Jaz I have a random story to tell you YaaaaY! when I was four I ate SO MUCH ice that my lips turned a sickly purple obviously my mum was concerned and took me to the doctors, I now have a scare on my lip from that!

  8. Daz: don’t say it daz just keep it in ya head
    continues the video
    Daz: YOUR EATING A DI**, sorry I had to
    Me: I was going to say it busted a you know what but ok different minds don’t think similar

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