Daz Watches I Can't Stop Being Furniture

I thought this was brilliant XD
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  1. Hold the fuck up she is not 17..u can not convince me that shes 17 she lives on her own wtf ive seen her before ans i swear she said she was in her 20's not 17 tf

  2. I went into this thinking “it can’t be that funny” and promptly lost my shit when the camera rounded the corner to lampshade head 💀💀💀

  3. So it was 00:30, and i was like, im gonna watch youtube, then i look at the time an its 2:30– IT FEELS LIKE ITS BEEN HALF AN HOUR BUT ITS BEEN 2 HOURS!!!

  4. “This feels like a parody to me. Is this real?” Lol Daz is so cute! I’m pretty sure it’s fake. I saw this years ago. It’s still funny regardless. 🤣

  5. One time I got forgotten at school because my parents were at work and I was getting dropped of by a neighbour who had a girl in the same class as me and they left me at the school so I had to walk the 3 km home when it was raining and I had to walk across the main road and keep in mind I was 11 so yeah. I never talked to that girl again. Just thought I’d say that

  6. 4 years later and I’m rewatching this at 5am , love all your videos daz I have subscribed to your channel for 5 years now I think xx

  7. Surprised nobody has realised that Olympia is a well known Australian drag queen and this is all just a skit…

  8. DAZ if you need to take tim off do it its not something that we can physacally stop you rock bro keep up the good work

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