1. Her grandchildren be like nanna what are you doing, her oh I'm part wolf😂😂😂

  2. i feel bad for this girl and embarrassed because i used to do that. i acted like a dog for a whole year

  3. there is a boy in my class that runs on all fours and he say his eyes are red and he says he is a alpha wolf it's so funny

  4. hey Daz! this is an old video, but this is actually called being a Therian!! people who believe they were an animal in a past life or believe they are spiritually an animal 😀

  5. see ive uploaded shit of younger me before, i think back on it and wish i never did because i hate it . but this is a whole new level 😭 like goddamn

  6. If that girl on the street had a hole in her pants for the tail it probably wasn't a belt it was probably something a lil more inappropriate

  7. Bitch I don’t listen to bts I listen to fucking greenday and the good classic shit and I’m only 14

  8. Honestly this video was so funny to me because I was one of these kids istg. It's so embarrassing to know that I did this but I was having fun and I guess it was good exercise. Anyway I'm 14 now and haven't done this since I was like 10 or 11 but I'm glad I grew out of it lol

  9. Fun Fact: Cats often knead when they want to show pleasure and/or comfort and happiness. Usually, the do it on a spot they want to nap before laying down or when they're being pet. They also knead if they are stressed to create a soothing and calm mood. If a cat kneads your legs in your lap, take it as a compliment.

  10. Funny video, no hate, this video was probably made based off of the fact that she may be a therian, therians are people who believe in reincarnation and believe that they were an animal/plant/other in a past life. Some people do things like quadrobics, which is a type of sport where you run/walk/jump on, I guess, all fours, so they can feel more connected to their believed past. Great video!

  11. “Here’s stomping” Janet Janet ……janet daz be like “call the thoropist now ow f*ck ahhh she’s here

  12. Sh3 reminds me of 7 yr old me telling my friends that we can turn into wolfs and do it in classs

  13. I really thought it was actually David narrating it. I was so confused lmao

  14. Her:growls and howls
    Her parents :Derek she’s at it again.

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