How’s it going Dazzlers? Welcome BACK to Daz Games and back with another Daz Watched! Gender Reveals, they’re all over the internet and some go VERY WRONG. That’s what we’ll be watching today, the biggest gender reveal fails on the internet!

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  1. My characters literally just wait till they have the kid to find out what it’s sex is some of my characters are smart enough to pick names for either gender or are just ready to come up with one on the spot like my character Lucas when he had his son with his fiancé… he chose Walken… his last name, thanks to his dad, is Cat…. So his name is Walken Cat… it also means Rainbow and this baby boy is going to take that to the full extent by being a femboy

  2. Even the person who started the trend said that they regretted it and it was an accident. They don't like this trend.

  3. Daz; Americans and their explosives.
    Me: only likes fireworks in fourth of july and not gender reveals yeah lmao

  4. I have 6 awesome kids never did one gender reveal! I just got my ultrasound and told everyone what it was so they could bring boy or girl gifts to the baby shower

  5. the only reason i would have a gender reveal, if i was to have a kid, it would be for the cake and food haha

  6. The mum and dad set up the party but the balloon, confetti anything that tells them the gender the doctor sets it up

  7. “Yanno maybe I’m just miserable?”

    No ya not, gender reveals are so stupid and who wants to really live on this planet atm.😭😂

  8. My sisters gender reveal was a fail too! We had a big box with pink balloons in it and they were filled with helium but I guess the helium wore out and they didn’t float up lol they just sat there

  9. Me, all the time: hey there was this one time I was shot in the face by a firework lol
    That last one: HOLA 👾👾👾
    Me: holy Christ Americans PUT THEM DOWN PLEASE SO DANGEROUS
    also me: heehee I love rockets

  10. "One gender reveal has already been responsible for a forest fire in Los Angeles" Just amazing. love the line.

  11. As a person who put together one gender reveal party it isn't alot of work. First off I did it for a friend and her first baby. (Sadly she lost that baby at 38 weeks but this year they had thier rainbow baby) for the reveal we just did a hallow cake. (It is where you take a full cake cut a whole in the middle the put some candy in the whole and cover the top with extra cake.) We also did some party games (like weird bingo and activities) got 99% of the decorations at the dollar store. It was just a celebration but nothing crazy like some of these.

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