1. My fellow dazzlers who are furries. I support you and these are just jokes. Don’t take it so seriously okay. Its just comedy. You’re all wonderful.

  2. i’m a furry and i loved how no one is making rude comments and i love how dad is making it funny and not being rude. also furries are not sexual (not real furries) and some furries wear more realistic fursuits, more cartoon fursuits, and some people, etc.

  3. For a little more info, furries sometimes do it if they dont feel comfortable wth their body, like face dysphoria, and some do it just for fun or to be better as socializing or something like that.

  4. (SUPER late to see this video, lol) Watching this AS a furry was HILARIOUS. I loved all of your reactions. The turkey suit had to be the funniest thing in this video. Also, it's quite common for people to think being a furry is a sexual thing, so it was nice to see SOMEONE who actually understood that being a furry (mostly) wasn't a sexual thing.

  5. My best friend is a furry and what they have taught me is that they aren’t you know weirdos lol but they are just people with a lot of passion for animals! I personally find them a little creepy, well I find the proper ones creepy. But there are these ones which I find fairly creative, it’s a dinosaur mask with a movable jaw, these people paint them and sometimes sew fur onto them and they come out quite cute. I don’t understand the hate for furries to be honest haha! I do believe it’s because most people think it’s a sexual thing. No it isn’t! 👍😁

  6. Not all furries are sexual, as a furry myself but I am going to admit there is sexual things but that’s not what the fandom is completely about. I find this hilarious but it isn’t offending me

  7. Inside a furry costume, especially during the summer, it gets very hot. That's why we usually have handlers besides us in case we get overheated. They provide everything we need so we don't end up in the hospital from heat exhaustion. Some fursuit makers have an optional thing with air conditioning in the suit, but it's fairly expensive. For a normal suit, it's about $2,000+. Depending on species, colors, extra options, etc.

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