1. If she tried pushing me off and I dodged it i would been like what did you try to do to me you little shit and then I would push her off

  2. Flashbacks to when I followed my crush home after school almost every day when I was 12

  3. A story about most of us:
    Yup I pushed Jacob off my roof… he kissed the wrong girl.

  4. Ok, but seriously the girl must have some disorder like psychopathy or something right?

  5. Imagine committing 2nd degree murder because of a boyfriend when you're like 5 years old.

  6. Why the heck didn’t he just scoot to the left over the other roof like actually and adrenaline might save you and get you up

  7. Cop: you killed him
    Her: he did naturally
    Cop: you pushed him off the roof
    Her: gravity’s natural

  8. HAHAHAH when I go to a play centre I push over little kids BUHAHHAAA how the kid fell tho HAHAHABUBB JHGBGFVFC

  9. i wouldn't antagonize the girl lmao,

    "duh, on the lips."

    dude don't answer her like that

  10. I think the kid fell on a mattress at the bottom- I mean the kid would be depressed and die for a video😃

  11. Bruh… I know it’s fake but if you love someone then what’s the point in trying to murder THEM-

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