Buying a $230,000 Watch with Bitcoin…This Guy is Serious!

Buying a $230,000 Watch with Bitcoin…This Guy is Serious!
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  1. Lots and lots of jealous people hating. Put some effort to understand the markets, stop listening to brainwashing mass medias and you can make it too. Bet against the narrative.

  2. The worst tattoos belong to this man. As a owner of a nautilus 42mm stainless steel and sapphire I can tell you not all patek owners are like this.

  3. Obviously a really good investor, she sold his BTC when it was damn near the top at 59,000 now its barley keeping its head above water at 46,000

  4. This is about to be one very expensive watch in it next few years and not because is appreciation of the watch ☺️.

  5. Love how everyone feels the need to talk shit about his tattoos like he really cares about yalls opinions 😂😂 dudes making a killing

  6. Should of saved $229,500 and bought the identical fake. No one would ever know but you that it’s the real deal 😆 💸

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