Building a Watch Collection with One Brand: Seiko

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There are a few brands out there with such expansive offerings that you could theoretically build an entire watch collection within that single brand. I thought it might be fun to try to do just that, and in this video, I’ll build five totally different watch collections all with Seiko watches. If you like this type of video, suggest some other brands we might be able to use in the comments!

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0:00 – Intro and Organization
1:25 – Types of Collecting Personas
2:52 – 1. Check Off the Boxes
7:05 – 2. Dive Watch Fanatic
10:56 – 3. JDM Lover
16:21 – 4. Seiko 5 Fan
18:50 – 5. Seiko Purist


  1. My dream is the SNR049 GMT but it is way over my budget. What can you recommend as a less expensive Seiko alternative that looks similar?

  2. I think you have terrific knowledge in Seiko watches. And your giving great suggestions for me and others also interested. Can you suggest a repair service in Vancouver, Canada. Thanks, W. Boyes

  3. Seiko is 1 of the best brands in the world thats just a matter of fact. In terms of the case finishing the finishing of the dial but definitely with the movement it can easily compete with some of the big Swiss brands, especially with the spring drive technology in the movement. I love some of the big Swiss brands as well but Seiko is way up there with the best of them. Some of these watch snobs probably disagree with me on this 1 and thats fine, that's why i love watching Teddy's channel because he's not only talking about the big Swiss brands but about other great brands that are more accessible for a bigger audience. All i'm trying to say is it's ok to get out of that bubble of the major Swiss brands sometimes, because your missing out on so many other great brands that are out there.

  4. I just added a 2nd Seiko to my collection: a Presage "Old Clock" cocktail watch (have also seen it listed as a "Blue Manhattan" but don't confuse it with the actual "Manhattan" which has a different color dial. The "Old Clock has what they term a 'navy blue' which really shows off the guilloche pattern of the dial. The light plays off of it in a way that is mesmerizing, even more so than photos can display. I'm amazed at the beauty of the dials that Seiko produces at this price point. The "Sharp Edge" is on my radar, in either green or blue.

  5. Went from zero seikos to 7 from sbga031, sbgm221 then switched to snr049,snr025 and then the ultimate diver sla039 once you get high end seikos you realize the great quality they have and those go toe to toe with my blancpain 50 fathoms

  6. As a watch collector I love seikos i also own a pogue from 1970 6139B 6002 and I own a large collection of vintage seiko digital watches i also own a seiko tv watch from 1983 i want the skx 007 and the turtle and the seiko tuna awesome video

  7. Hi Teddy, thanks for a great article. It got me thinking about my humble collection which includes 4 Seikos. A skx007j1, a Samurai sto, a Alpinist sarb017 and a Seiko sarx 069. I think that would make a excellent small collection after seeing your article. Conclusion? I have to many watches…..

  8. "Bottle caps" model, a definite collectors item, man If I could find a all stainless steel one! I own 2 JDM's and 2 2nd gen Monsters and a PADI Tuna, great video! Thanks!

  9. Paying more attention to watches lately so Teddy’s backlog is showing up for me again… throwing back to a simpler time prepandemic when curating a watch collection was the most serious thing I cared about in a day… keep em coming my man… I’m starting to get enthused again about watches even though my collection will probably thin before it grows.

  10. Again I love your content man, so very informative. A video on building a collection on Casios or Citizen’s please as I have on or two of each. Thanks.

  11. Seiko and Orient are my favourite brands. Thanks for this video.
    Orient collection video and a tissot collection video would be very welcome.
    I do like some of the edifice models also.

  12. Have to say I like the spb143 hands, but the vertically compressed bezel numbers of the Omega allow them the mm dial size advantage. It’s a diver – size counts. I think the Seiko is more purist, which I guess is right because if you’re wearing an Omega you’re looking to be noticed rather than complimented.

  13. I have an All JDM, all Seiko, all 6R15 collection- SARB017 Alpinist, SARB033 Spirit, SARB065 Cocktail Tim, SZSC003 Third Gen Monster. I buy to keep, but interesting to see that clean, all boxes and papers examples have gone up 3X to 4X in price since I bought these new in 2017, 2018. You left out the Monster, but appreciate seeing most of them get some love on the channel!

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