BOMBSHELL: @Nico Leonard and @The Timeless Watch Channel DRAMA

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  1. I don’t know who you are but this was worth watching for “hello ladies” “they’re mannequins!!!”

  2. Drama to rule them all??? Doesn't even come close to the Depp vs Heard trial. Anyways Integrity and Reputation in any business is a must. These 2 simply don't have it so I'm pretty sure no one will want to do business with them anymore.

  3. He was a lightweight with Oisin as it’s completely clear that he is a thief and a scammer. Whether you like Nico or not he’s completely in the right!!

  4. 1. Stop talking like Archie, find your own schtick.
    2. Big-mouth unbearable “Expert” can’t survive an €11k loss???!! That shows how much mouth and little go it was.
    3. Never could stand Oisin and his artsy camera shots and endless videos. What does he know about watches?
    4. Who cares but good luck monetising this mini-drama buddy

  5. Nico is a piece of shit…never will watch him again… he sent O’Malley money months late and demands it back 😂😂😂 dwarf loser

  6. Love ya tim. But let's be real. Your channel is supposed to be about watchs. When u gossip the way u guys do. Yeah u guys are to blame. Look paul thorp. Grand caliber, Spencer, roman. The watch dealers just put out watch content. Then there is a community of people who r buyers just complaining. Sad part is, is that the panel is a bunch of guys who can afford this shit. Speaking to enthusiasts who dream of owning a watch like that.

    If there was never lice streams about this shit. The prices would never sky rocket the way they did.

    Its like a local restaurant. When they open the food is good prices. But when they get a name and people love it. That shit goes up

  7. From one New Yorker to another, why are you hyping up drama? Like it wasn't enough with the shit you went through a month ago. I mean, is your life really that boring? Ppl from the city know how to mind their own, apparently you do not. Unsubbing.

  8. Let's hear from both sides, but Oisin never denied owing the money. Whether Nico needs the money or not is immaterial. If he's owed, it should be paid back. Btw, you're more like an Archie than Nico..just saying.

  9. I'd you want to ask some hard hitting questions spend some time watching Jeremy Paxman re: newsnight. He brutalised many politicians in the UK.

  10. It aint drama. Youre making it drama. The timeless Watch channel has literally stolen 11000 Pounds from him and some watches from other guys. How is this drama. Its just calling someone out for stealing

  11. If this isn’t a fake thing….some sort of joke….otherwise it’s insane and totally amusing. Tim Write not making lefts…is in the right.

  12. Ooooh exciting. Oisin is right though, you don't fuck with the Irish. My mum is from Oisin's backyard so I know this first hand.

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