BEST INVESTMENT WATCH UNDER $1000 – Kevin O'Leary Recommends…

Kevin O’Leary sits down with Aaron Marino (alpha m.) to discuss the best investment watches to purchase. Starting the the best investment watch under $1000, and then the best investment watch for $10,000. Discover what watch Kevin recommends to buy at the moment…

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  1. Kevin 2500,00 for a submariner good luck. F.P. Journe yes 900 pieces a year and few hundred thousands of $ and yes to can make money with it but this not a tip you just saying some stories that you found on you tube. Stop pretending to be a watch expert.
    Go check out interviews with Jean-Claude Biver which knows a lot more in watches and business than this Kevin clown.

  2. 'What's the best value watch for $1,000?'
    Starts talking about Grand Seiko…
    I think you need to change the title of this clip my friend!

  3. Most dont care about great movement other than as a status symbol.
    I'll take a smartwatch over old school luxury watches ANY DAY.

  4. He decides to mention a micro brand “FPJ” that is barely known because he owns a few… there are plenty of other Micro makers that also appreciate in value.

  5. $1000 can't buy a Grand Seiko. Kevin, if you don't have an answer just say you don't know instead of being a moron.

  6. I bought a sarb033 for my dad a few years ago for a couple of hundred dollars and that's worth around the $1000 mark now.

  7. Don’t bother with a grand Seiko. YES they make great watches with great movements but the second hand market is far lower than retail. Bang for your buck sure but so you want to lose 30% of your money off the bat? It’s similar to omega. Never buy new unless you are getting 20-30% off.

  8. I don't understand why so many people dislike Kevin….I watch all his videos not surrounding business and he seems like a really nice guy…it seems like it would be a pleasure to have a conversation with him.

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