Are Tudor Watches Good ? The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Let’s talk about Tudor, their watches, the history behind them and whether or not Tudor makes good watches! We will also compare Tudor vs Rolex and my thoughts on whether or not they come close to matching the quality.

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  1. While I don't hate it but agree on quality issues, I have 2 Tudors a Pelagos and an aeronaut ,with the Pelagos specifically I find the bracelet very rough over the outside edges , also the finish isn't consistent in terms of brushing quality, also locking and unlocking the crown could be much more smoother.

  2. Love my Tudor black bay GMT! Just ordered the panda chrono 6 month wait I think that says something. My GMT is just as accurate as my hulk and more accurate than my YM 40mm. I think value is there no it is not Rolex but for the money and value retention I’m in. Will be looking into Omega next.

  3. Interesting review. However, at one point in your discussion you compared the dial of a submariner to a black bay. What were you thinking! The comparison should have been the pelagos dial to the submariner dial. The black bay is not in the same league as the submariner but the pelagos is.

  4. The biggest difference is this. You get the practically same quality as Rolex ( for most intents and purposes), with none of the, pardon my French, douchebag factor.

  5. I think they have great offerings, and honestly appeal more to me than most Rolex models. I think that's because the tool-y side appeals to me more than the "luxurified" Rolex tool watches. The OP is nice looking, as is the Explorer I 39mm (I'm so mad they axed that as it was the perfect size), and the Explorer II are great. Not much appeals to me beyond that. I would take a Pelagos over a Sub, and I'm very likely to put my money where my mouth is for my birthday next year. They could stand to diversify their lineup a bit more, but that's being picky.

  6. Have many Rolexes and other much higher end watches. My daily is my Tudor Chrono Panda and I do absolutely love this watch. Never even considered a Tudor prior to release of this watch though…

  7. People go to extremes and probably neither are correct. I own a Submariner (Hulk) and a Black Bay Fifty Eight (blue). Is Tudor as good as Rolex? Of course it isn’t! Is it a poor man’s Rolex? Of course it isn’t. True, it doesn’t have the same feel, weight, or substance as my Sub. The clasp isn’t close to my Sub. BUT, my Fifty Eight is incredibly accurate, more legible, and in my opinion, the bezel action is better than my Sub. My Sub’s bezel will move on its own during wear, but my Fifty Eight will only move when I move it. Good news to my OCD, that wants marker to stay at 12:00.
    Sorry for long comment.

  8. My Tudor Heritage Ranger gets the most wrist time. Great EDC “tool watch”. We own 4 Omegas and wouldn’t part with any of them. But none of them top my Tudor Ranger as my personal favorite to wear. BTW, The only Rolex that I would consider is an Explorer. The rest do nothing for me. I could afford a Rolex but cannot pull the trigger on spending that kind of money for a wrist watch. The Tudor Ranger scratched my Explorer itch for a fraction of the cost.

  9. Enjoyed your review and comments. It's unfortunate of some of the comments of some having QC issues with Tudor. I have the BB58 black and It's flawless. Dimensions are perfect IMO. I also have a Rolex Submariner 116610LN and Omega seamaster PO 8906 gmt. Rolex is definitely better quality than the Tudor but Omega is a damn good watch. My BB58 gets the most wrist time btw. It's just a cool wind and wear watch for everyday use. Anxiously waiting for Tudor to make a BB58 with a gmt function. I'd put my name on the list for one asap.

  10. I totally agree with your assessment. They need to get these pop folk out of there. They now have an agreement with the French Nationale and hope they use real divers as ambassadors. Maybe we may see a Tudor Submariner. We will see.

  11. I love my Tudor Pelagos but I wish they would stop making new BB58s and try more things. Between the ceramic, silver, gold and bronze it seems like every ad I see for a new Tudor is just another BB58.

  12. I can sum up my dislike of Tudor in one single part of their watches: I cannot stand that damn “chopped off” hour hand! I find it sad too cuz a few of their pieces are tempting. But that damn chopped hand…..

  13. Seriously, given Rolex present rarity and high price, I really don't mind Tudor goes back to its root to relaunch those Rolex homage like Submariner, Prince Date, Date Day… There is no shame to own a poor man's Rolex. In fact, it feels absurd to wear 〉$10k watch out. Afterall, Tudor is the only legit Rolex homage.

  14. sorry but this video is annoying – who in their right mind expects a "Tooder" watch to stand up to a Rolex watch in direct comparison? my black bay 58 cost me £2760 and my submariner cost more than twice as much. is the sub a better watch? of course it is but so it had better be. for the cost the black bay is a superb watch. and it is a bit rich to knock Tudor for their marketing budget compared to Rolex as Rolex has the biggest marketing budget of any watch brand out there and a very significant part of the cost of a Rolex is in marketing. however it is that marketing that has been substantially responsible for their pre eminent brand awareness status in the market place.

  15. I have to disagree, they 100% feel like the baby brother cheap man's Rolex. They don't at all look "shiny", like jewelry (=expensive) one could say. Some people may like that which is fine but it doesn't change anything about them looking rather basic. Next to a Tudor Black Bay my Omega Seamaster 300 glows like a diamond

  16. Excellent watches, I just wish they would stop writing the whole spec sheet on the dial. The hour hand isn’t to my taste, but the watch itself is great value for money.

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