Are Panerai watches good?

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Hands-on review of 3 Panerai luxury dive watches: Panerai Luminor Marina 42mm, Panerai Luminor Piccolo Due 38mm and Panerai Submersible 42mm.

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  1. Bought one on Friday. Got an Omega and a Baume. Sports watch, dress watch and now everyday watch. I LOVE it. Classy and unmistakably different. My other watches can be mistaken for other brands but not this one.

  2. The Luminor Due is just plain dumb. Why would anyone buy that? Buy the Radiomir PAM574, which is 42mm and about 10mm thick with 100m WR. It’s a no brainer in comparison.

  3. I sold luxury watches around 2004 including Panerai and Rolex. At the time Panerai was incredibly popular. People were regularly trading in their Rolexes for Panerais. They were one of the brands that we owe for larger watches being as popular as they are now. I remember trying one on and it looking almost comically large compared to the standard 36mm Datejust. I'm just now getting over how much they ended up ruining small watches for me.

    Would I buy one now? They certainly wouldn't be my first choice but they're still beautiful watches. Things like the unfinished ETA scandal and the lacking water resistance on the Duo really hurt the brand in my eyes, much like the proliferation of quartz models hurt brands like Omega in the 1980s.

  4. I bought a PAM610 recently and I LOVE it. The simplicity, elegance and inner "grit" make it a thing of beauty. Super happy to have this and my trusty Omega Speedmaster as my interchangeable couple. The right Panerai for you is a wonderful thing, but do choose carefully.

  5. that stupid useless panerai. is going to skyrocket one day. because it's so controversial. people will remember it. And i bet panerai won't keep making them for years to come. making them even rarer. all stupid controversial watches of the past are today's gem

  6. Is Panerai moving away from display case backs? I thought the PAM 2392 had one, but in this video it doesn't? Can someone more knowledgeable than me clarify?

  7. I think people are just dissatisfied with the Panerai under Richemont, back in around 2010s there were quite a few highly sought after pieces that raised in value, but then Panerai came up with re-issues and limited edition models that replicated them, making the collectibles virtually not that special anymore. I think this strategy angered a lot of the fans that was with the brand and ultimately Richemont killed the brand by being too greedy.

  8. I couldn’t at that price… as mentioned Panerai doesn’t hold its value… however I really am drawn to the case and dial design so would keep my eye on the preowned market. Thanks for the review.

  9. That Luminor Due is so pretty, and 4.5k is fairly priced, more so considering the a fact that you might have the only Panerai in the room
    With a GS spring drive, it could be my enthusiast dress and sport watch I think

  10. I have a 196 and a 188 basically the same watch, 1 black dial and 1 white. They were always grail watches. They are big, but they wear well, and they are built like tanks. Great perspective Adrian!

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