Apple Watch Series 7 vs SE vs Series 3: Shocking Differences!

Is the Series 7 Worth $400+ or should you buy the SE or Series 3? We show Every Single Difference!
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In this video, we compare ALL of the differences between the 3 current Apple Watches that are available for sale!

We discuss things like the displays, sensors, the cases, the finishes, the layouts of the speakers, the displays, the unique health features and much more!

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  1. I bought an Apple Watch SE last year when it came out because I wasn’t sure how much I’d use the features or need the ECG/blood oxygen sensor. I didn’t use it for fitness at all in the first 4-5 months. But then I started eating better and going to the gym again so I was full steam ahead. At that point I realized how useful the Watch was and really how motivational it was to do better.

    So I went to the apple store the other day, traded that in along with my old iPhone XS and got almost the full amount for my Apple Watch series 7. I think I paid $45-50 including tax after trading them in, so totally worth it. Now that I’ve upgraded I use it for sleep tracking insight, checking my blood oxygen saturation, the ecg, and getting more accurate data’s totally worth getting an Apple Watch series 7.

    I originally had the Nike SE, so I got to keep my band and they only had Silver in non cellular on the 7…so I combined my black Nike band with the starlight silver Apple Watch 7 and it looks SICK! I never would’ve thought of doing it if they weren’t out of black in Nike and non-cellular. I wish I could post a picture, but ya I highly recommend this combo. It matches my iPhone 12 Pro that looks silver with the clear case on despite being space gray.

    Anywho, I’ll attest to the series 7 totally being worth the difference to an SE. BUT if you don’t exercise or care about fitness/health then the SE would probably be okay for you. One thing I noticed on the SE was that if you try pairing and using it with an older device it will drain faster. I’m assuming it has to do with the Bluetooth modems being different versions so the “code talk” isn’t as smooth thus making it have to expend more energy. That’s my theory at least because when I broke my iPhone 11 and had to go backwards to an Xs for 6 months, it was night and day.

  2. Hi. I’m from Poland. It is a shithole somewhere in the European Union, where Pinocchio and Duck rule. Our government keeps saying that people here are able to afford everything. In fact, we’re poor so I wouldn’t be offended, if I got the newest Macbook Pro. There is a dependency in Poland that if your life is going better than your neighbor's, your neighbor hates you. I know that my neighbor will be pissed off, whenever he sees my new Macbook. I’m sure that after that he won’t stop thinking about how many cars I stole from Germany or for how much I sold a kidney. I will take it with me to uni so my friends can look at it with admiration. To be completely honest, I'm an engineer and this laptop would be perfect for programs to perform complex mathematical calculations. If I could get a Macbook Pro I know it would make the world look better, more modern and much more eco-friendly. Maybe with a Macbook Pro I would also be able to calculate why Apple doesn't add chargers to phones anymore, and whether it's really about ecology.

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