Apple Watch Series 7 Unboxing & Hands On!

We got our hands on the brand new Apple Watch Series 7! How about a quick unboxing and look at all the new features?

Find int here:
Apple Watch Series 7 –

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  1. Massive respect to you men.. I hope you daily realize where you came from and still being proud of the people you now get to work with.. the energy waves your on now.. and the positive vibes and achievements you’re getting from being dedicated for such a long time.. nothing but love bro ♥️

  2. I need to get three things after watching this video: A green Apple Watch, that cool knife he used to open the box and finally, a tight grey shirt similar to the one he’s wearing.

    On reflection, I’ll skip the tight grey shirt. Not quite ready for that just yet.

  3. I really enjoyed your review. The green looks awesome with that Nike band and all of the other green ones too. Can I get some info on your necklace and pendant? They look really good. Where did you get them from? Thank you.

  4. i had my SE in 44mm for 3 months and dropped it while not wearing it bc i was holding it and it shattered😭 i had barely got it and thought i wouldn’t need insurance on it at first bc it’s a watch and when i went to go fix it they wanted 190. i was not gonna pay that so now i’m gonna buy the 7!!

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