Apple Watch Series 7 Stainless Steel Graphite

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  1. That link bracelet still look very good with the brushed polish. Wouldn’t expect that you had it from 2015 if you didn’t say it. Guess that explain the price tag.

  2. I’m upgrading my Series 4 aluminum to a series 7 stainless steel. Looking forward to seeing how different that is. I opted for the abyss blue sport band as I already have a loop.

  3. Someone posted a comment that the Milanese band scratches the glass on this watch. Have you seen this with your watch? This would be terribly disappointing if that is the case.

  4. Don't know if I ever left a comment when you were going thru it man, but I'm so happy your still around, your videos are high quality and your voice is unique it adds a special touch to the videos

  5. I’ve never felt in love with apple watch look, but now things have changed and this combination is the best well looking by far! 👏🏻👏🏻 🔜 what a beautiful match

  6. Thanks for this my friend, 7 is pre ordered and due for delivery next month. Great to see you back and looking so well. I'm living each month between scans to the max!

  7. Would love to see how you feel about the series 7 after testing it out for a couple days. I have a stainless steel series 4 as well and I’m thinking about upgrading to the 7 this year.

  8. Great review, showing the product almost all the time in great video quality. 🙂 Hope you like your Milanese Loop. I also own and loved the Link Bracelet from my 1st gen. Apple Watch, but found the Milanese Loop to be a worthy successor when I bought the Series 4.

  9. I almost pulled the trigger on finally buying a stainless steel apple watch with the link bracelet. I just love that combination but the fact that Apple removed the black color for the graphite and are forcing you to get it with Cellular really annoyed me.

  10. You have the exact same watch and band as I do, and I’ve been waiting to see the stainless steel graphite watch to see how it compares. I’ve loved the space black series 4, and the graphite looks beautiful. Thank you for the great video!

  11. I am personally also in love with the original Space black link bracelet from Apple. Best band I have ever owned. I bought the series 6 and was disappointed that there was no space black stainless steel anymore (except if you get the Hermes versions.) I can recommend the Space Black Titanium edition version with the link band. Looks premium as well very clean and contemporary dark matte look. Personally prefer this combination over the graphite.

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