Apple Watch Series 7: Here's what's new

The Apple Watch Series 7 is official and it comes with enhanced durability and a larger screen.
See the Apple Smart Watch Series 7 here 👉
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Let’s dive in to see what makes it different from the Series 6 and when you can expect to get your hands on one.

Apple Watch Series 7 info:

WatchOS 8 public beta first impressions:

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  1. Why does no one ever mention the greed side?
    “New feature of faster charging”.
    You need to spend more on top of buying the product. My wife purchased a 7 for me today and when I unwrapped it I couldn’t charge it. Just supply the damn plug!!
    Seriously thinking of ditching all Apple products in my household.

  2. I had a series 5 but after a week I found that even at 70 feet away from my phone, I was not able to send and receive text messages or phone calls. I bought the phone and the watch for fall detection. If I can’t send and receive text messages or phone calls how is the fall detection going to work? Can I manually send an SOS for emergency help if the text or phone calls don’t work? It didn’t even work in my 2200 square-foot trilevel house if my phone was not on my body. I don’t know whether to spend all that money well it’s not going to work unless I’m wearing my phone.

  3. Could they make a kids watch with the ability to send out an alert to your parents which include non emergency please call me sort of alerts and where the parents can keep a GPS track on their kids. Due to the safety such features could offer kids could then do more risky things the sort of extra curricular learning activities where keeping an eye on the kids safety could enable their further development.

  4. Thanks for sharing the information. I use the Ambrosia Blucon with Libre, It helps me to get constant readings on my Apple Watch and iPhone, the alarms help me at night. It is a much more reliable and accurate cgm with a low cost.

  5. Make sure you have a compatible wall charger
    Recently purchased I watch 7 – Received with charging cable, BUT no wall charger that fits the cable. Wall Charger for my IPAD Air WIFI (purchased April 2019) will not accept the I watch charging cable. Went out and purchased a USB c female to USB Male for $12.00 – STILL NOT ABLE TO CHARGE. ended up going to neighbor to borrow their wall adaptor (Very humiliating). Bought a $570 watch, but Apple can't indicate nor supply a charger. Pretty disgusting, you must admit. Can't imagine having offered this as a gift and putting recipient through same adventure

  6. Waiting for the day that we can check our BAC level. Would save so many lives if we can simply check on our wrist how much under/over the limit we are

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