Apple Watch Series 7 (41mm vs 45mm) – Unboxing, Setup & Size Comparison!

Apple Watch Series 7 41mm vs 45mm – Unboxing, Setup & Size Comparison! | Apple Watch 7 Stainless Steel & Aluminum 45mm vs 41mm Comparison

The Apple Watch series 7 was just released and in this video, we unbox both the 41mm and the 45mm sizes, run through the setup process, and compare the sizing to see which one is the right fit for you. We also compare the stainless steel casing to the aluminum casing!

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0:00 Intro
0:30 Apple Watch Series 7 Colors & Pricing
1:16 Apple Watch Series 7 45mm (Midnight Aluminum) Unboxing
3:40 Apple Watch Series 7 41mm (Graphite Stainless Steel) Unboxing
4:47 Aluminum vs Stainless Steel
5:57 41mm vs 45mm Size First Impressions
6:48 Setup Process
9:30 41mm vs 45mm Size Difference
11:03 Full Keyboard
12:16 Apple Watch Series 7 vs Apple Watch SE
14:31 Exclusive Apple Watch 7 “Contour” Face
15:57 Conclusion

Will you be getting an Apple Watch Series 7? Why or why not?

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  1. was first gonne get 45 but went to the store and could get the 41 this week while 45 they dont have a date yet i went for 41 and after watching you video i feel more good taking 41 sinds i have small wrists

  2. I have the Nike cellular gps series 6, 44mm and it’s still in its box with the sill on! Should I go and trade it in and get this new Nike cellular gps Nike series 7, 45mm ?

  3. I couldn't see anything when you were always moving the two watches on your hands and with dark faces we can't really appreciate the difference in screen size.

  4. 45 is just too big. Even 44 was. Unfortunately that's the trend with watches today, even non-smart. 41 is so much better proportioned. Unfortunately, the smaller it is, the smaller the battery. But that is a worth trade-off imo. Still not for me, I tried using smartwatches and didn't like them. Idon't need a phone on my wrist and a watch that I need to charge everyday. I only used them for fitness tracking, and I don't need to spend 500 to get that. But if you use the features it is good, for sure!

  5. WoW, just because this “gadget” shows time it doesn’t make it a watch. It will be outdated in 3 years. Buy a good Citizen wrist watch for $400 and it will last you a lifetime.

  6. I always get the smaller watch because my perspective of reality is fading behind the ridged box that I have been put into in exchange for keeping up with my performance as a cog in the machine that is a post-modernist society

  7. For what it's worth…I've had two stainless cased Apple watches. First one that came out, followed by by a series 3. BOTH had same issues of battery swelling and destroying the watch once out of warranty/apple care. First one – the crystal popped off around edge of stainless bezel & stopped charging. Series 3 – crystal face popped out of a crystal bezel set into stainless bezel, almost like a door. Neither covered by Apple for the defect, HOWEVER, the aluminum series 3 is!!!! I can only surmise that the premium sapphire crystals are too much $ for Apple to foot the bill of repair. I used to sell jewelry & love premium watches. Stainless steel with sapphire crystal wins hands-down for durability. Aluminum can not hold candle. nor can "saphlex". That said, $1500+ on Apple watches in a few short years is completely absurd. This time I'm shopping for the aluminum, even though I'm drooling over the new stainless combos! Anyhow thank you for the size comparison – very helpful!

  8. Guys I need advice on choosing the size of the Apple Watch S7. I originally wanted to buy a larger 45mm size but then I was in the Apple Store and the watch was slowly larger than my wrist. My wrist has a circumference of 145 – 150 mm depending on the degree of wrapping and I don't know much about what size to take because it's on the border of both sizes. I have to say that I would really like the bigger ones, but the smaller ones looked much better on me and fit me much more. So what size should I choose?

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