Annayum Rasoolum

Fahad Fazil is a taxi driver. His elder brother (Aashiq Abu) works on the ferry that connects Vypeen Islands with the mainland. Ashiq Abu’s dream of making it to the Gulf is stalled because he was detained under suspicion years ago causing a bad remark for passport issuance. Fahad Fazil’s other friends lead a life on the edge (of which he becomes a part once in a while) to make a quick buck. Andrea Jeremiah is a salesgirl in an upmarket garment store in the city. The love story takes shape during her boat rides from Vypeen to the city. Fahad Fazil sees her on the boat and stalks her everywhere possible. He is helped by Sunny Wayne, who is Andrea’s neighbour. The rest of the movie is about their love story. (CBFC U DIL/1/49/2012-THI)

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