An Apple Smart Watch is NOT Enough! 6 Items EVERY Man Should Own By 35

If I had a DeLorean, I’d definitely go back to the future/past to advise my younger self on a few topics covered here on The Urban Gentry. And we’re not just talking watches!

In today’s video I share my top 6 essential items for everyone in their 30s. It has always been a goal of the channel to not only share my passion, learn more about the things I love, and explore new interests–but also to help others.

Naturally, watches make the list–as they are always a part of the conversation!–including why you should buy a real watch and not a smart watch, as well as motivational life tips, and tools that are worth investing in for self-improvement.

And for fans of the lovably supercilious Hugo Mountbatten, there’s a sneak peek of one of his favorite books of all time.

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  1. #1 A wife.
    #2 A few children with that wife.
    #3 A house. No matter how small, buy a house within your budget.

    This will bring you happiness and give you the drive to work harder and have nice things for yourself and your family.

  2. Loake and Cheaney owner here. Amazing quality and you can get them for a bargain out of season. So buy boots in summer and loafers in winter.

  3. My instincts tell me to not like you, you seem so particular and high maintenance. Yet, I like you more with every video and even finding myself matching my watch bands with my clothing. What have you done to me?!?!

  4. I've got so many favourite books, but the ones I remember the most and I've read through and through are: John Fante's Ask the Dust, The Great Gatsby, Lolita, In Cold Blood, The Catcher in the Rye, Atonement (I reckon Ian McEwan to be one of the greatest authors of our time) and Agassi's Open (yeah, the non-fictional book I love the most because I'm a sport journalist).

  5. I feel another Shoe Company to look at would be Johnston and Murphy. They make great smart looking shoes and very comfortable. For reference, I'm on my feet for 8+ hours a day walking between 5-8km and they have been a delight. They also make waterproof versions of many of their shoes for wet wear.

  6. Hi TGV,

    Great video, I played it knowing fully that one of the items is a watch! If only my friends had the capacity to share this hobby with me 🙁

    I really enjoyed this. Can you tell me what is the pvd watch at 10:44 is please? I'm looking to build one with a Seiko movement and am looking for inspiration. Thanks 👍

  7. I got two pairs of desert boots from clarks (leather and suede) 10 years ago and are both worn at least half of the year and they still come up like new once cleaned. Fantastic quality.

  8. every man should have a quality chess set in the living room by 35 & know the moves. the perfect decor piece. the royal game is intellectual, social, historical, and timeless. video games are for boys, men play chess.

  9. A good bottle of whisky (scotch), to share for the good times and for the more sombre occasions to toast the departed.

  10. Expanding on shoes and a good bag: another thing you shouldn't cheap out on is a good bed. You spend a 3rd of your life there (or at least you're supposed to). Spend the money. Your back will thank you.

  11. I would add to what you already listed a note pad and pen to jot down ideas, information you need to remember and bills that need to be paid….forget about putting all that into a phone. Also, a filing box for your important documents!

  12. I may not have a good pair of shoes but my work boots are second to none when it some to support, overall weight, comfort, and grip on the floor

  13. A shed, or somewhere to create, to think and experiment, most of human greatest achievement started in some form of a shed, including everything a man needs to have by the age of 35.

  14. Yankee drill – has multiple drill bits in the handle, no battery to charge or replace and is light and portable. It's perfect for small jobs around the house.

  15. I would like to add "Instruments" to the Art-Section. Not only is a good instrument usually still somewhat handmade and can be extremely gorgeous. You might even be able to create Art with that instrument itself.

  16. Hjalmar Söderbergs 'Doctor Glas' for me. Such in amazing insight in the human psyche and endeavor. Written in 1905 and is more true today than ever.

  17. You absolutely do not need to spend a lot of money on a watch. If you are not into watches already please don’t waste thousands on a watch. And if you’re never going to wear a Casio or any watch at all please don’t buy one

  18. As a dutchman, I prefer dutch shoes, especially Floris Van Bommel shoes are very nice and affordable.
    Made in Moergestel.

    About smartwatches:
    Smartwatches are fashion items and so they need to be replaced regularly. But a proper watch, or style in general, lasts for multiple generations.

  19. 1. A quality folding pocket knife
    2. A quality pocket multitool
    3. A quality flashlight
    4. A quality EDC firearm
    5. A basic set of quality tools

  20. A set of cutlery which is not hand-me-downs from your parents. Ditto dinner plates and drinkware.

    Living plants are a must.

    A record player and a stack of records from the late 60's and the entire 70's.

  21. Every gentleman needs a proper writing instrument …be it a fountain pen/rollerball/ballpoint..writing instruments such as mont blanc will last a lifetime n it can be passed on to the next generation

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