An Apple Smart Watch is NOT Enough! 6 Items EVERY Man Should Own By 35

If I had a DeLorean, I’d definitely go back to the future/past to advise my younger self on a few topics covered here on The Urban Gentry. And we’re not just talking watches!

In today’s video I share my top 6 essential items for everyone in their 30s. It has always been a goal of the channel to not only share my passion, learn more about the things I love, and explore new interests–but also to help others.

Naturally, watches make the list–as they are always a part of the conversation!–including why you should buy a real watch and not a smart watch, as well as motivational life tips, and tools that are worth investing in for self-improvement.

And for fans of the lovably supercilious Hugo Mountbatten, there’s a sneak peek of one of his favorite books of all time.

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