All My SEIKO Watches Revealed! | SOT(SEIKO)C | Should We Boycott Seiko? |

In this video I look at all my Seiko watches to see if there are dial and bezel alignment issues.

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  1. Monsters are a little hard to screw up, I think. I only own one, it's my newest, and I'm still getting to know it, but I noticed that the way it's designed doesn't allow it to misalign so easily.

    The applied indeces and chapter ring intrude on each other. And the bezel itself has carvings alongside the side, that also has to match the carvings on the side of the watch body itself.

    In fact, my only misalignment I have is the cyclops bar. And Pagani Deaign already prepared me for that, haha

  2. Seems to be a trend on anti seiko stuff at the mo!! Still a great brand I think with loads of options at different price levels. The QC piece very overplayed I think. If that is a major thing for folks , probably not the right brand for you!

  3. Seiko need to get there act together.. it’s tragic paying near to £1000 to find that the chapter rings on the wonk or the bezel is misaligned.. I have quite a few seiko. Almost pulled the trigger on grand seiko albeit I changed my mind as I heard horror stories of dreadful customer service and bezel issues on some GS!!
    Orient on the other hand I can’t fault. I’d rather an orient over a seiko now.
    At the minute I’m having a bit of a love affair with the Casio Oceanus’. The quality control is fantastic! As is the case finishing!

  4. Sorry, I am unsubscribing because you are calling the Seiko Turtle the Seiko T. (Oh wait, I hadn't actually subscribed already. Weird.) One subscriber amongst eleven thousand is insignificant so I do not feel too bad about that. Good luck with the channel.

  5. Bought a micro brand watch and everyone went all “gEt a sEiKo”.
    Got a Seiko and I was underwhelmed with the assembly. The dial was visibly misaligned so I had to send it back using Amazon returns.

  6. Great vid. First Arctura end link is too small for the lug width. I'd count that as a qc issue. I've found that tolerances on the clasp are a common issue as well. Also, alignment is about tolerances, which is a qc issue in my opinion. I understand your position on the brand, but it comes across very biased. Seems like you're making excuses for them. Thanks for the content!

  7. the way i see it 3 of the watches you said that have no issues look to me they have. I can't be 100% sure because i see them on a screen and you have the watch in front of you it might be the angle of the camera for me. But i would like to share it anyway SRPE55 chapter ring slightly to the right

    watch at min 7:10 looks like the 11 (hour) is slightly more to the top seconds more to the bottom

    SRPF09 when i look at the 9 o'clock marker it looks like it is very slightly up. furthermore i would also like to address other things that Seiko done wrong in the passed like selling limited edition watches and few months later come with the same watch slightly cheaper and no longer limited edition (European Alpinist). Also the way you say it makes me think it is not a big deal to you with all the imperfections on Seiko watches i wonder where you draw the line. I see from other youtubers $1500 Seiko watches which are not perfect and you can say yeah it's harder to make those divers (which i do agree) but it is not an excuse to sell them for that kind of money in that condition when other brands are able to do it better and it is also not a problem that just happened for a couple of weeks but it is going on for years (just think about how many hundreds of thousand or maybe millions of Seikos have been sold like that) . And you know i think this is because people like you who don't care about it (no offence) if more people would care and Seiko would see their sales decline maybe they try better (I'm sure they can do better look at Orient, i know they are not perfect but how many times we hear about imperfections from Orient and this is also under the same roof Epson brand). Also lets not forget Seiko watches have become quit more expansive over the last years but the quality didn't go up. I hope you don't feel offended i just wanted to share my point of view. I swore never to buy a Seiko again after what they did with the limited edition european alpinist

  8. Seikos are nice fashion watches. They look great, feel good and give a good approximation of the current time. If Seiko QC issues are as problematic as this video and others have pointed out it would be many factors easier to get a hold of the most desired models. Plus, it would be much more difficult to command top dollar on the second-hand market for the stuff that's harder to find. In short, only a small crowd of us enthusiasts actually care about alignments, date wheel colors, ceramic bezels, etc. and our collective voice is easily drowned out by the heartless money machines of big corporations. I'm frustrated as well but calling each other bad names never helps. Support the brands who will listen, support your local watchmakers, support the modding community, let's try our best to not let the watch art die out because of easy to fix superficialities. Good luck to everyone on their collection journeys. I hope you have fun.

  9. My seiko (SPB121J1) is ridiculously misaligned, but I love it despite that… the strap (brown leather) belongs in a heavy machineries shop, but I am unwilling to pay another hundred quid for the green one…
    Lesson learn – get rich and buy Omega

  10. I sold all my Seiko watches seven in total all dive watches the QC was terrible triangle not aligned, chapter ring mis aligned, one even the spring bar hole was drilled incorrectly, but the main issues were accuracy, most of them over a minute a day one even more, sold the lot and moved over to Steinhart, Steeldive, Dan Henry, Spinnaker, Zelos and other micro brands and never looked back….I will not waste my money on another Seiko ever again no matter how good it looks….

  11. I only have one Seiko now.
    An open heart, roman numerals 4r39a, all good… and then Hardlex aaargh, instant scratches. It was bought for my 70th birthday from my 5 children.
    Chinese watches mostly have sapphire chrystals.
    I have a 1963 chronograph 38mm Sapphire, and Sea-gull Ocean Star diver, perfect bezel alignment!

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