Ahmaud Arbery death trial verdicts reached | Live stream

A jury has found the three white men accused of killing a 25-year-old Black man, Ahmaud Arbery, guilty on most of the 29 charges they faced.

Travis McMichael, who shot Ahmaud Arbery, was convicted of all charges. His father Greg McMichael was found not guilty of malice murder, but guilty of four counts of felony murder and four additional felony counts.

William “Roddie” Bryan was found not guilty of malice murder, one felony murder count and one felony aggravated assault count and convicted of three felony murder counts and three additional felony counts.

Each suspect was charged with the same nine counts.

Arbery was shot and killed on Feb. 23, 2020. Cellphone video leaked to the public shows two armed white men in a truck approaching the 25-year-old Black man as he runs down the road. One of the men, later identified as Travis McMichael, and Arbery struggle over McMichael’s shotgun before Arbery is shot and collapses.

Travis McMichael, his father Gregory McMichael and William “Roddy” Bryan, who recorded the video, are all charged with murder in Arbery’s death.

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  1. TM said his "dad is old and crazy and don't mind goes to jail, he'll I'm getting the same way". Hope they still don't mine going to prison because they are on their way to prison for a long time.

  2. I love that 11 white people and 1 black person, in rural Georgia, chose to convict these 3 men of murder. This verdict should be celebrated by every decent human being in America.

  3. People are depending on Attorney Kevin Gough WOWWWWWWW he said he gonna enjoy turkey dinner and try and get justice for his other clients LOL

  4. Oh yeah, I forgot to point out how all of you have absolutely no problem whatsoever with O.J Simpson 🗡️ getting Acquitted after killing his ex wife and her new boyfriend. AND like all innocent people do, he held a Gun to his own head while leading the Police on a long televised freeway chase. But let's just forget about that one, she wasn't Black or important anyway.

  5. Things getting hot around the
    Glynn County Court House.
    Now get this.G.Mcm.R.Bryan
    discussed the unrest going on
    around the courthouse.The
    killing was just not going to be
    swept under the D.A.’s rug.
    It’s just not going to go away
    like they had hoped.
    In the greatest action a prosecutor
    could ask for, the Michaels,,Bryan
    and an un-named attorney decided
    to leak the video out in hopes it would
    look like self defense,calming the

  6. They were good, but they are not heroes. They did their job. There should not be anything special about this prosecution. The shocking part of this is that we would not be here if there was no video. Given this, America has nothing to be proud of. It might as well be 1921 instead of 2021. Had this been a 25 year old white female jogging through a black neighborhood in Atlanta, the outrage would be at a different level. I do not want to be a hero, but I can assure you that I will stand against the likes of the McMichaels and Bryan if they break the law. Likewise, I will stand with them, if they are mistreated, today or anytime in the future.

  7. greg mcmichael bred hate into his son from a very early age,travis grew up a hateful person because of greg. now I hope he is happy that they both going to rot in jail because of him

  8. The scary thing in all of this is they and so many like them think what they did was perfectly ok. That's why they had no problem with the guy filming it. They were happy to show it, happy to say they had it would have put it on YouTube or Snapchat like the sick daughter did with t the victims dead body no respect for his dignity

  9. Would've been nice if the camera was on the defendant receiving their specific verdicts. Judge is reading Greg McMichael's verdict and they have the camera on Mr Bryon… WTH

  10. As the verdicts were read. The HILLBILLY P.O.S Defendants Thoughts- Travis, Everytime the Judge said "GUILTY " He was saying to himself, "But I'm White, with a White Jury". The P.O.S Father- " I'm Gonna Die in Prison Because of that Little Bastard Travis. I should have beat his Asss, When I caught him having Sex with his sister,Instead 0f joining in " The last P.O.S needs a Diaper Change as his verdict was Read.

  11. how bout get a job and stop robbing sht and doing sht your not supposed to and community's having to do the police's job stop acting like it was some innocent man jogging lmao I hope it gets appealed and they go free I'm so sick and tired of people doing wrong and then get the role of victim how bout stop breaking the law and robbing and stealing and any other crime they wanna commit just because they want to and have some absurd reasoning for doing so

  12. sorry but living in a real neighborhood where people watch out for each other and this dude was out robbing shit I would have wanted to confront him too your acting like he was really some innocent jogger taking a run lmfao if that was the case why wouldn't you just stop to see what's going on and let people know you have no idea what they're talking about I'll tell you why because he was up to no good people don't run and try to evade normal citizens asking questions the simple fact is he was in places he shouldn't have ben and things were stolen people don't run away and try and duck in cover if there doing normal everyday stuff the average person doesn't see new construction being done and say hay I'm gonna go check that place out in the middle of the night it's all bullcrap if his parents were actually parenting he would know he has no business on anybody else's property except he didn't care and he was looking for a quick score again although I don't believe any innocent person regardless of color should be gunned down but how do you see this person as innocent? because he didn't have any stolen stuff at that particular time? we all have common sense and when things go missing when this particular person is around chances are he's the reason.. innocent people don't run away from conversation these charges are upsurd maybe manslaughter but to charge all 3 with felony murder that's redicouls not one of them had any intention on killing him but if any of them got felony murder it should only be the shooter hay but as long as the BLM community is happy there won't be any rioting with businesses getting robbed then set on fire but by all means parade around the courthouse with assault rifles ranting so you influence the jury SMH this case should have never ben tried in that county and the jurors should have ben people that don't watch the news or interact on social media. it's a shame the whole incident even happened but as I said b4 innocent people don't run away from neighbors asking questions why would they? if an innocent person felt threatened they would call the police themselves our run to the nearest residence or business looking for help and let them know what's going on arbery shouldn't have lost his life that day by any means over stolen stuff but he played a part in his own demise unfortunately I only hope that the parents do a better job with any remaining siblings because I know for 100% you won't ever see any of my 3 boys robbing stuff from anyone or being places they shouldn't be day or night

  13. WHO ELSE?
    Who else has been legally lynched by retired Officer Mcmicheal and the acting District Attorney?
    Who is examining his arrests and the DA’s prosecutions?

  14. It’s just ashamed someone lost there life. Because someone decided to hunt him down like a dear. Whether you feel like stopping someone asking a question with a gun. It just may go off and it did.

  15. How is the guy with the camera that videoed the incident and helped put the two main guys in jail going to do time didn't he help the situation by filming

  16. How about practically everyone here is acting like it wasn't creepy at all that Ahmaud kept Trespassing day or night onto that property, yet you all lock your properties every day/night to prevent the "Ahmaud's" from entering onto your own properties? Kinda hypocritical wouldn't you say?

  17. Well, the good thing about rscists is that they're a dying breed. No one wants an insecure person, and their insecure because success is no longer dictated by the color of their skin.
    Imagine that, having to work for one's merit.

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