A No Nonsense Field Watch Under $200 – Citizen Chandler 37mm

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  1. These are one of the most underrated field watches out there.

    100m WR, quartz accuracy, basically never needing a service or battery, very comfortable and comes with a good strap with nice reinforcement on the holes. Sure it includes a day date complication which is not entirely traditional, but I’d dare say that 99.9% of buyers won’t be digging trenches with bombs dropping from the sky.

  2. I have one super tuff and nice wearing. I wanted a change and was looking for a mechanical. Bought the Seiko SPRG31,,terrible wears like a 45mm no balance dom mineral that catches every scratch. Changed it to a Bolder Venture great watch nice and lite 20bar, flat sapphire looks and wears great in my opinion. It's 5sec slow per day compared to the old chandler which is less than that per month! But I think in the cllat your talking about with Hamilton and Timex it's better specs for the same cost ?

  3. Just bought one of your watches… specifically the Raymond Weil moondial with the open heart! I recently just found your page, and I knew I had to support. You are the best! Thank you so much.

  4. Can you make your content inclusive and accessible by formatting the auto captioning into closed captioning? it is sadly very hard to watch relying only on the auto captioning (Im Profoundly Deaf)

  5. Thanks again for this review! Hey, why not collab with Courtney and come up with a watch suggestion for 2022 for ladies? Many of my women friends and family members ask me recommendations, and would sure appreciate getting some great insight from you both! Thanks in advance! 🙂

  6. i bought one of these last week, brand new, in the box from a retailer here in the uk, my 4th eco drive, i paid £79.99 or $108… at that price you just cant go wrong, my other eco drives are perpetuals and i just wanted a simple watch for every day use, and this is ideal…

  7. Wearing mine as I watch this. Started collecting watches 3 years ago and this was my first purchase. I now have 16 watches not looking at slowing down either

  8. Definitely no-nonsense and pragmatic. No need to worry with accuracy, batteries and ordinary amounts of water, and day-date window and minutes marks adds a lot of everyday usefulness to it. That strap however seems poor and the hands could be complete instead of having that hollow rectangles near the axis.

  9. after seiko it's time for citizen to become the new bubble, buy according to your taste and not because a video made you like the watch because eventually the trend will pass

  10. I just gave my Chandler to a young person as they begin their watch collecting journey, but I must say, from a value perspective, the Chandler is hard to beat. It wears wells, is highly-legible, and is attractive. Thank you, Teddy.

  11. Хороший размер, нужна механика такого размера. Особенно в стиле гласхютте оригинал сикстис сенатор в винтажном стиле 60 годов.

  12. Some people don't like when youtubers review watches in their own shop. But I do appreciate that you remain impartial and point out the drawbacks such as case finishing and lume as well as where the watch excels. Appreciate you staying unbiased reviewing your own offerings!

  13. After 15 years of not wearing watches (last time on university) I bought a smartwatch last year. Month later I decided to buy also this classic type of watch. Changed strap for nice brown leather strap and they look pretty good, quite representative. Like them a lot. So my first classic watch after 15 years. 🙂

  14. It's crazy how much people charge for these. I bought one on Amazon last year for $70. I sold it for double the price a few months later. It is a nice watch but definitely wears small.

  15. Have one of these for years. Wear when playing golf as I learned automatics don't like golf. Wear it a few times a month. Set every month. Gains about 3 seconds a month.

  16. Picked up one early 2020 as a grab and going hiking watch but it's become my daily watch. I've got numerous field watches in my collection but this hits a sweet spot and does everything I need it to do. Can certainly recommend it as an entry level watch

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