A $25 Watch Worth Buying: the Casio A168

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In this video, I’ll take a look at one the least expensive legitimate watches on the market, the Casio A168. This charming digital watch comes in at only $25 and for the price, actually offers a lot to like.

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  1. I remember them from friends in the 90s, as moving into my 40s, and into 80s and 90s cars and music, i have walked past one of these many times as i really think the design reminds me of the 90s. I look forward to seeing how it handles comparing to the russian Vostok i used. I like the simple function over style design, all this bling is not for a fixer and engineering Guy 😉

  2. you cant even get a spring bar from a luxury brand for the price of that thing. AND you can wear it with pretty much anything and it'll blend in fine. Plus for many this is the watch that got many people hooked on horology.

  3. Here’s the story:
    In a land far far away I took of plastic screen off and replaced it with glass so I can show off to my peers while I burn out my cigarette 🚬 on the said watch…I don’t know what happened to it but that was 35 years ago

  4. I love watches but, can't afford watches… Orient flight is the most expensive watch I have and, I LOVE it… Casio has been and continues to be the working man's watch… I love them for it. I have this model and, a GShock and, I wear them to work every day.

  5. When I judge something, I look at what the maker is trying to do and how well they achieved that. And from that perspective, this watch is absolutely perfect.

  6. I bought this watch for my 14 year old. His other watch is an "entry level" G Shock (about $55), but it's a bit large and doesn't fit well under the cuff of his school's uniform shirt. I bought this watch at Walmart ($20). It fits perfectly with his uniform and, although it's old school, it has a cool "timeless" look. Casio's are a great value!👍🏽✌🏽

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