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No word of a lie, this is a real watch with a real, fully functioning tourbillon, like you get in watches that cost $100,000, but for $500. Genuinely. Scout’s honour. There must be a catch. What is it?

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  1. As said, the big watch makers started as copiers back in the day. Give it another 10, maybe 20 years and you'll be seeing these Chinese brands get a lot neater, tidier, more complex and more expensive. As a daily wearer, this might be a good idea. I mean at £500, I would still be bothered about scratching it, but my heart wouldnt be in my mouth every time I moved like if I took a Rolex to work!

  2. got mine a week ago and wore it on the morning meeting which where i attended, till one of my expat czech bosses' noticed my watch and said is that a real tourbillon? without any hesitation and with great confidence i replied respectfully "YES" his face was in great disbelief

  3. It just amazes me how slowing and making dramatic narration of this watch’s description increases its value. 🤣

  4. Women won't know what the F you are talking about. Will look at it for a few seconds and say something like, "Oh that's cute" and then go back to reading the menu. And all your guy friends who know anything about watches will know it's a cheap copy. Yes. Spend your money elsewhere. Or, better yet – hire some up and coming watch designer to actually make his own version. Way more rare and significant if he (or she) can pull it off….

  5. 25 years ago i bought Rolex-alike Tempic from Neckermann with Seagull ST16 movement inside for a 15 euros in todays money. Still works as on the first day, zero problem. I never thought of selling it. Like it or not, moneywise, value of Seagull watches is incredible.

  6. I wish i could find a few more details about the movement itself. Something like this would make a fun diy watch if you could find compatible parts

  7. I just won’t buy a watch made in a country with such shocking human rights and malign intentions globally. I would rather save up for 3 years and buy a Grand Seiko or something from a similarly priced watch brand

  8. 500$ is a lot of money! I don't know how well known the GUB (VEB Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe) watches are and how well the Spezimatic movement compares to a watch like this, but I would love to see a video that highlights them!

  9. I wonder, being a tourbillon watch, how much will the servicing cost add to the 500 in every couple of years? Does it matter?

  10. I'm a watch enthusiasts and my opinion is that the "Swiss made" is nothing but a scam there's no way a watch can cost hundreds of thousands if dosen't have any diamonds

  11. I have Seen Tourbillon Watches for 40 Dollars, seems not that big of a deal to Make a 500,- Dollar Tourbillon Watch

  12. this is only a question by western arrogance and ignorance….in house movement ….watch making experience around 70 years…swiss parts and swiss made….main parts already made in china….so….what makes a watch worth?…for sure not the parts…yeah, I agree Patek Philippe….but we don't speak about that high end….not to.compare ….the chinese make it….their own way and that's for sure…. excellent….be good

  13. People say that the watch is the only real piece of jewellery that a real man should wear. Hence you want it to be unique and made by a craftsman, not a production line.

  14. after watching this and reading some great reviews about Seagull movements, I purchased this same watch on the Sugess website. They answered all my questions about the watch promptly and the shopping experiences were smooth. I just get the watch today after 2 weeks waiting. The packaging is very nice and professional with an extra strap as a gift. Thanks a lot for this video.

  15. Yes, China's watches are getting pretty good. It's amazing what they can get done for the cheap prices they are selling for. The replicas (Tisk, Tisk) are amazing from this stand point. Also, Carnival watches offer tiny tritium gas tubes instead of lume, like a Ball Swiss. Nifty Chinese military watches that feel like an Asian Vostok. Etc, Etc.

    PS – A $500 tourbillion is like hitting oranges like baseballs. It's fun for a short time, but if you have the men to play a proper game, why not do so and make orange juice?

  16. I have a seagull tourbillon in my 'collection' for about 4 years now and never worried about it once. Is it a great watch? no…but its an enjoyable watch to wear and thats all I wanted and needed it for.

  17. It’s hard not to like , although you say it’s a little tough around the edges , imagine if they invested a little more into it.

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