8 Things You NEED to Know About Watches – A Crash Course to Watches

I know how overwhelming watches can be at times, especially when first getting into them. In this video we are going to cover a topic that is long overdue, looking at 8 essential concepts I feel every watch enthusiast should know or have some general grasp on.

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0:00 – Ground Rules And Other Videos to Watch
1:12 – The Two Primary Types Of Watch Movements & How They Work
6:25 – The Mainstream Brands that Make Up The Industry & Who Owns Who
8:58 – How To Determine The Best Size Watch For You
12:59 – Straps & Tools
16:13 – In-House vs Third Party Movements & Certifications
19:36 – Understanding Water Resistance
22:49 – The Different Types Of Watch Crystals
24:37 – Types Of Watch Sellers/Dealers