7 of the Biggest Watch Collecting Myths – Watches as Investments, Grail Watches & More

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When it comes to watch collecting, and especially the online community surrounding our hobby, there are a few pervasive myths I think take people off the right track. In this video, I’ll share seven myths I’ve heard enough times to finally jump in and address them directly. Be sure to comment any other myths you’ve seen thrown around in the watch world, and maybe we can do a part two of this video.

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0:00 – Intro and Organization
0:30 – 1. Watches as Investments
4:38 – 2. The Exit Watch
7:00 – 3. Switzerland Makes the Best Watches
8:50 – 4. Water Resistance
12:09 – 5. Accuracy
15:28 – 6. In-House Movements are Always Better
20:44 – 7. Sapphire Crystals are Superior


  1. Man, I've learned so much about watches watching your videos! you have great knowledge regarding watches and your enthusiasm is inspiring! thanks man. Also, I totally agree with the first myth regarding watches being an investment.

  2. Great video, my only pushup is regarding depth rating: water resistance is also a proxy to indicate ruggedness even if you dont use it to dive, a watch rated to 1000m is likely to have more impact resistance than a 100m watch.

  3. Myth #8: Watch size is a matter of personal taste/fashion. – No, it is a matter of fit and heritage/style.
    Myth #9: Display backs always provide added value – except on tool watches or on basic movements.
    Myth #10: Signed Crowns are a must. – No, they often look just cluttered or pretentious except on haute hologérie pieces.
    Myth #11: Brand makes a watch "legit". – No, design and craftsmanship make it legit.
    Myth #12: My watch needs to look cool. – No, you need to look cool wearing that watch.

  4. I think you're oversimplifying the "investment" discussion. For example, using a watch as a reliable store of value. Not all investment is strictly in pursuit of a monetary return; Perhaps the payoff is in the form of convenience, portability, versatility, et cetera. (e.g. Why buy an ounce of gold that's just going to sit in my safe when I can buy a sweet Rolex and have something nice to pass on to junior?) There is a rationale to the "investment watch" perspective. Though, I do think it depends a lot on the particular circumstances of the individual and their goals.

  5. PS… a story about the Heuer… I was demonstrating it to a friend, as it had only ever lost about 6 seconds a year over 10 years, so… (I swear this is true…) I asked him to watch as the time approached to noon (UTC), while listening to the chimes of Big Ben on the radio.
    As the last chime came over the radio, and the Heuer was indeed only six seconds behind, there was an almighty 'boing' from the interior, and the watch stopped working.
    I got onto 'Watches of Switzerland;, where I had purchased the watch quite a few years before… and their quote for 'looking at it' was in the thousands (this was in the 1980's)… I could not afford that, but across the road from the film studio I was working was a little Asian jeweller/watch guy.
    He said "I have always wanted to work on one of these", so I left it with him.
    One month later… still working on it.
    Two months later… still working on it.
    Three months later… (thinking I have been conned and the watch is gone!) he produces it and it is working meticulously… I ask what the cost is, and his reply (he had re-made 3 cogs… interesting to know if that will show up would I ever want to sell it, which I won't) was "No charge… it was a great pleasure to work on it!".
    Needless to say, I payed him quite a lot, but still less than 'Watches from Switzerland'…

  6. I have only had 3 'serious' watches in my life (70+ years)… a Heuer (Before TAG), a Breitling Navitimer (in the days when I had various airplanes and flew regularly…), and a 1920's two colour gold Cartier given to me by my wife which I wear for posh evenings (it loses a minute per hour, but I can adjust for that, as I can't afford for it to be seen to…). All of which are battered and bruised but still kept. (I do like automatic winding!)

    When I was working a lot in slightly dangerous places, I was advised to have something so cheap it was not worth stealing, hence the use of a Swatch while working…perhaps even these are 'valuable' now?

    I had a Seiko solar with GPS for a long time… great watch, but it has given up the ghost… thinking about getting it repaired, as 6 months of power and other features are great…

    Presently on my wrist is the top of the range Garmin… like it a lot with all the features… except for having to remember to charge it once a week.

    I guess those three serious watches are worth quite a lot, but they mean more to me as talismans, so I will just leave them for someone else to decide what to do with them… who knows what the Swatch is worth?

  7. Great video! It's so obvious you're very knowledgeable about watches. You keep on ticking without stopping. The info just flows naturally meaning you obviously have a love for watches……

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