5 Cheap Watches That Watch Collectors Respect Five inexpensive Watches That Get Love From Collectors

5 Cheap Watches That Watch Collectors Respect – Five inexpensive Watches That Get Love From Collectors

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Tissot Seastar 1000 blue/black dial Powermatic 80 –
Hamilton Khaki –
Seiko Blumo SBDC033 –
Casio World Timer –
Casio G-Shock DW9052-2 –
Silicone oil i used to mod my Casios –
Special edition Seiko Turtle Save the Ocean –
Seiko SKX009 –
Seiko SNZH57 –

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  1. Chris, please bear with me here – I've obviously missed the bit where you explain why you put your watch under the grille to melt off the bezel. Please run that bit by me one more time/

  2. Great picks. I own several of these watches. I like my SKX, not because of the quality or accuracy but the design. It draws many comments from non-watch folks. The Bulova LP is growing on me. It’s a bit big on my wrist, but a nice dial. I dig the accuracy for the price.

  3. Had many SKX's but flipped them all because they just annoyed me with their no hand winding, can't set the time properly and many other traits that jus S#%T me. Just give me a Hamilton Khaki Field any day.

  4. I have 1 question. As a watch buyer and wearer, why would I care about gaining the "Respect " of other watch collectors? I ask this because I personally don't care what complete strangers and self-anointed "Gatekeepers"think. In my opinion watch collecting should cater to one's individual preference and the feeling of wearing a watch that you like. I'm seeing this bougie mentality grow and I find it to be distasteful. ( just my opinion guys, don't get your panties all in a bunch!)……

  5. If Bulova ever makes the Lunar watch smaller it will sell like crazy! I tried out this watch and after putting it on wrist I just walked away. Oh and that flat crystal looks bad, with a slightly domed crystal it would be a huge success

  6. With all respect, but for me the only "moon watches" are those few which have actually been to the moon. A random other Speedy isn't more of a moon watch than the Invicta Skull watch. With modern manufacturing most watches sold should survive being in a spaceship btw.

  7. I wouldn’t consider the SKX an essential for a collector. The 7S26 movement lacks hacking and doesn’t hand wind, making it impractical for use by people who value accuracy.
    Instead I’d suggest, from Seiko, their new Seiko 5 Sports lineup. The 4R36 movement does hack and hand-wind and if you shop around, you can get a good deal.
    As well, the CasiOak is all well and good, but the G-Shock 5600 series is far more practical from a legibility standpoint. I’d recommend the GWM5610 as it has solar power and Atomic time signal radio control.

  8. Overrated at anything over $270…. Too many nice watches that crush the SKX at that price.
    Where do you announce the winner?

  9. Wearing my skx009j right now as I watch your video just an awesome design. I am selling my lunar pilot on ebay right now because the size is just a bit too much for my wrist.

  10. Love my Casioak Ga-2100-1A1, everyday driver and use my GD-350 for the rough and tumble days. Seiko Arctura Kinetic for going out, 1990 era.

  11. Why do so many watch channels hype up the SKX ? ,Awful bracelet, inaccurate movement that doesn't hack or hand wind and some of the worst quality control of any watch I ever had. That watch is not worth $50.00 , much less the $200.00 plus they ask for them.

  12. Hi Chris, thank you for an interesting video.
    If the Lunar Pilot was 40-42mm, I would definitely get one, especially if Bulova makes it solar powered. 45 mm is just too big for me and I hate opening up watches to replace the battery. I know they do solar, I previously had a Bulova solar powered dive watch, but it was stolen during a home invasion robbery. And you forgot to mention the Orient Bambino…

  13. The SKX had it's day, but it's now over. They're not a good buy at current prices. Their only value now is nostalgia.

  14. The Lunar Pilot is a fantastic bargain for what is pretty much a high-accuracy quartz watch (mine is within +2-3 seconds/month, Bulova quotes +/- 5 sec/month). The bang-for-the-buck factor is high for what you get, the dial detail surpasses what I see in my Speedmaster's dial; I rarely see dial details like in the LP in watches that are 10x the price of this gem.

    What I don't like is the size+weight of the watch but that's due to the movement. I never fully appreciated how big the movement is until I had to change the battery in mine last year. If you love the Speedy's look but can't handle the price this is a great alternative, you can find plenty of LP's on the used market in excellent condition for a song. Just be sure you're OK with the watch's size before you buy.

  15. Great video some nice watches I hav a D1 Milano it’s a quartz with no second hand hav u come across these ur self

  16. Awesome video and list! Love this! As dumb luck would have it, I am wearing my modded SKX right now. I think another affordable watch that collectors would respect are any of the Citizen Promasters. They pack a lot of value for the cost. Don't own one myself but if I did I would go for the green Auto version. Also the Orient Kamasu(I own that one!)

  17. Thankful for your information about value of that watches…
    I will keep it and make reference to collect..

  18. I've been "passing on the SKX for 6 years now, I'll continue that. I may get a 5KX though.
    I'll also never own a Swatch. The Bulova is on my short list and Timex has a few very interesting autos I'd like! Good video 👍🙂

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