5 Bad Things Some Watch Dealers Do To Save Money !

5 Bad Things Some Watch Dealers Do To Save Money !

In this episode of Federico Talks Watches I tell you 5 bad things some watch dealers do to save money. Especially with Rolex boxes and Rolex links.


Top 5 Swiss Watches Updated! :

Hamilton Khaki Field:

Tissot Visodate:

Glycine Incursore:

Victorinox Inox:

Mido Commander:

Seiko Turtle:

Seiko SKX:
Seiko SKX Black:


  1. Come on, you telling me you actually care about the law on taxing pre-owned watches? It benefits no one but the greedy government. Why should any government take a cut of the sale of second hand watches? The watch has already been taxed when it was sold new.

  2. Come on those who got upset at your Rolex comment just don’t like being called out for what they are. It’s true! Rolex is a huge brand because it’s for the majority and the majority are never watch geeks. They are just trying to fit in….ooh I have something worth more than retail, it’s hard to come by, it’s a Rolex. Etc. 100% agree with your comments and I love it. You’re just telling the truth. Even for enthusiasts and geeks…ask yourself truthfully, if these were readily available, resale is 30% less of retail. Just another regular watch with no hype. You can walk into any retailer and see every model every day in stock…you still want one? If so then why don’t you have one already, available before people became stupid? These models have been around for 50 years. Or do you want one now that you can’t get one? None of this has anything to do with the watch and that’s my point. I got my 16600 SD and 16628 YM from years ago when they were sold at a discount. And now to see this with no tangible reason others that people’s stupidity is just hilarious to me. Good job on capitalizing on that Hulk for true horological marvels. I might sell my Rolexes too, I don’t wear them anymore because I feel it’s too distasteful to flaunt wealth in today’s world (and I don’t want to be mugged). If some chump wants to pay he 3x what I paid..who am I to stop them?

  3. Apologies accepted (sniff, blub). I have noticed that you really don't much care for dive watches and are more inclined towards dress watches. Wow, thanks for the insights into the watch business. Also, keep up the good work with your diet and workout regimen.

  4. Federico, I just want to wish you well in your weight loss progress. You’ve unmistakably lost a considerable amount of weight now, and definitely doing better than I am getting the pounds off! All the best!

  5. Frederico..you've been hitting the gym my man. Its been a while since I watched you but I'm so glad that you're doing it. Male Fat is Estrogen..you dont need that in your life. Looking good, I'm so pleased for you. Keep it up.

  6. To anyone who can help – I have a tag huer mechanical (non battery driven) watch. I believe it is somewhat vintage. I bought it on EBay and it ran fine for two years. It was looked at by a local jeweler and he cleaned it up and his wife wore it for a week and said it was fine. However, it stopped keeping time so I took it back and the same story again – he then said I just needed to wind it everyday because I wasn't active enough??? So I did that and now it runs to fast. Has anyone ever had repairs done by "Watch Repairs USA" in ILLINOIS or know of a repair service that is reputable I really don't want to send it to Tag Huer if I can help it because of the expense. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanx!


  7. Also, DIY case refinishing without properly stripping down the watch case, usually done to a poor standard but good enough to fool most buyers into thinking the watch has had less wear and tear. And finally, putting the watch on a timegrapher finding out it is running slow and with poor amplitude indicating it needs a service, but instead, simply adjusting the regulator screw or lever, to speed the watch up so it appears to run within specs but it then dies a few months after sale.

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