5 Approachable Watches that are HIGHLY Respected by High End Collectors

Here we talk about 5 watches that are approachable, yet are very well respected by high end watch collectors. Yes, all of these watches contribute to horological history in some way. Whether it is a watch event, watch meetup, or just in a coffee shop, each of these watches are sure to get a nod from serious watch collectors.

-John P


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  1. I love my Cartier Tank. When I bought it I was looking for a watch that was timeless and the Tank, having been in the Cartier catolog continuously since 1919, certainly fulfilled that requirement. In addition to classic beauty this watch has a fascinating back story. For all this and more the Cartier Tank is my go to watch for important occasions.

  2. Thanks for a great video, i did not know that about vintage Rolex datejust. I inherited a Rolex Datejust from my father, it is in gold and steel. He bought it in 1974 and used it everyday until 1990 when he got a Breitling Titan Gold. But it is very bad shape, no service and no papers. Perhaps i should have it seviced. And i would rather be found dead in a ditch than wearing a smartwatch, today i am wearing my Seiko 5 SNZG 13 fieldwatch.

  3. “Watches received very well by the most nuanced watch collectors.”
    – any Reverso
    – Historiques American 1921
    – Tudor Black Bay 58
    – Hamilton field watch
    – Doxa 300
    – Breguet Classique – enamel dial
    – Swatch Sistem51

  4. This morning I'm wearing my Black Bay GMT on my left wrist and an Apple Watch on my right. The Apple does a lot of things very well and it frees one from carrying their phone around 24/7. It is unfortunate to see so much vitriol from watch enthusiasts about a technology device that can supplement a love for mechanical timepieces. I don't see it as an either/or proposition.

  5. Great video like always! Ive always liked how the reviews and videos portrayed Nomos to the point that I almost bought one… last week i was in Tokyo and i must say… i am glad I didn’t buy one online… sadly they looked cheap… maybe thats harsh… they looked like 1k $ watch and under and not what they asked for them… personal preference of course… and it might be because of the simplicity but i was not impressed… their materials usage is normal and their finish is nice but way to simple for the price tag. Here comes the blasphemy but i rather spend the same money on a seiko enamel dial that the dial was handmade … just me… i think nomos is greatly overrated and overpriced

  6. The title is watches “HIGHLY RESPECTED” by collectors. I’m sorry but the Apple Watch although some may have is not respected at all. All the other I’d say yes 100% and Love me some Nomos.

  7. Love your channel John but my only problem is the length of the vids.
    maybe I have a short attention span but they seem to go on together, so much so that when I look at the running time I invariably pass and don’t tune in. Now I may be the only person who thinks this but if you were to shave the time down to Fed time, I think more people would watch (no pun intended). Then again, maybe I’m wrong.

  8. I agree with you about Grand Seiko the brand is on the rise due to quality. Japanese whiskey is the same way it’s finishing is perfection and the whiskey has become noticed on the world stage. Prices will go through the roof.

  9. Apple watches (smartwatch/fitness trackers) are great for everyday and are useful. BUT they need to be charged and will only really last 4-5 years tops. Traditional watches do less but what they do offer, they offer for decades!

  10. I always used my Apple Watch on the right and my mechanical piece on the left … the Apple Watch for me is a digital tool which I love for sport and business environment (emails, messages, meetings reminder and so on) on the left … a piece of mechanical art

  11. Hey John P, I gave you some advice regarding your lack of communicating talent, which obviously you didn’t heed. You’re still rambling on, and on like a group of teenage school girls. You also keep surging in your conversation (Constant Stop and Go, Stop and Go) you need to “STOP” doing this. You’re also all over the place in your conversation. SPIT OUT WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY, and stop traveling all over the place in your conversation. Your audience aren’t idiots, you can stop offering examples of what you’re trying to get across to us. At times I have to turn you OFF early because you’re very annoying to listen to most of the time. You take 3 times the to get anything said or across than anyone else I know. Work on it…PLEASE‼️

  12. Approachable watches for a good conversation starter….
    Breitling Navitimer
    GP non Laureato watches
    Omega original Bond seamster
    Yacht master with platinum dial – a bit more rare compared to the usual suspects. Most casual Rolex buyers wouldn't recognize it.

  13. I got myself a Rolex precision (manual) a couple of years and love it. It's timeless, and reminds me looking at my dad wounding up his watch when I was a kid.

    My dad also gave me a omega speed master triple date. Great watch, great quality, good looks, and very useful complication.

    I am thinking seriously about a GS heritage gmt. Been a huge fan of gmt complications, and the GS is just beautiful and a great fit for my 6.25 inch wrist

  14. I love watches and wear expensive watches…I am also a Fortune 100 executive. I can tell you without equivocation that NO ONE CARES what watch you are wearing–not a top CEO and not the stripper you hoped would notice. The only person that cares about your watch is YOU. Watch enthusiasts could give TWO SHITS what you are wearing. NO ONE CARES. If you think you will impress anyone on earth with a watch, you need therapy. Buy and wear what you like because no one else cares.

  15. I would be hesitant about an old datejust. I usually see old ones naked with aftermarket bracelets and unknown service history and they still go for around 6k. I would rather have modern Tudor, Omega, or GS which I highly recommend.

  16. The super sharp looking Grand Seiko hands are my favorite watch hand design (I'm wearing a GS as I type this), but I always wonder if people who compared them to katana or other swords have actually seen a sword up close. Extremely visually striking design that plays well with light but would make for a questionable cutting edge on a sword. I do have a Japanese poultry deboning knife that has a kind of similar edge profile because blade stiffness is more of a priority than slicing ability when you at most have to cut through 2 cm of ligament at a time, but I guess "Chicken knife-like hands" doesn't have the same ring to it.

    I do agree that a manual Nomos is one of the most approachable watches that does stand out as something special. I think my 35 mm Tangente cost me around $1000 used and only doesn't see more use because I need a date complication during the workweek and am often doing activities that make me sweat on weekends so leather straps aren't always a great choice.

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