46% consider quitting Rolex

A recent poll of Watch People around the World reveals a shocking statistic that 46% of Rolex enthusiasts are considering deserting the brand to look elsewhere for their watches in 2022…

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  1. It's just a matter of time before Tudor goes the way of Rolex. And who knows how long Omega watches will continue to have consistent availability. Perhaps a situation like this may give Tag Heurer and Breitling a bit of a boost.

  2. I wonder how many, like me, never got into Rolex in the first place just because of the nonsense in trying to buy one from an AD. Naively, I wanted to buy a GMT Master 2 and an Explorer 2 (for my business partner) a month ago and contacted a couple of AD's. You can guess how well that went. So, I did some research into alternatives and picked up a couple of IWC's instead (no discount, full price, from an IWC AD). Now, I've got a bit of a watch itch and am already looking at making another purchase, maybe another IWC or JLC or Zenith. Based on the research I've since done (including your channel) I won't bother even trying to get a Rolex – won't contact an AD and if I happen to walk by an AD won't even stop to see what they have. I wonder how many customers like me Rolex (and their AD's) have lost…

  3. The hypocrisy of Paul’s channel is quite something. Constantly calling out rolex, flippers and dodgy dealings. Whilst advertising his grey market mates who are selling brand new steel submariners for 15k. Either go all in paul or give up as nobody will take you seriously

  4. I’d love a Rolex, but for one watch from them I can get 2-3 equally as good or better watches.

    I would also argue that the Rolex prices have inflated well beyond their worth just because of the status symbol the brand represents. Which is a shame as most people that own them don’t actually appreciate them like us watch enthusiasts.

    My 2 pence on the matter.

  5. I got one Paul – have Rolex sell their watches to people who never registered a Rolex in their database and or an AD (say, for a period of 6 months ??) – that way people like us are able to have the opportunity to finally own one – any thoughts?

  6. Like rolex but for the money i expect convenience and great customer service. Instead you have to kiss ass to get one. Thats backwards. Im out.

  7. I don't know why people are still bowing down to ADs buying crap they don't want just to be put on a waiting list or be given a promise which is usually a lie and force you into unnecessary spending, there's plenty of watches out there right now for the same price which are using better materials and better movements, wake up guys, if they want to keep them back let them keep them start to choose different brands. I for one am boycotting Rolex

  8. I hate to tell you this, but until a couple of years ago i live in Beijing and the watches are all there. I tried on a couple of daytonas — including some jewell encrusted ones. I didnt like em. I'm a Rolex vintage non sports guy. So ive never got what all the fuss is about. Anyway they are in China but you have to pay the luxury watch tax which is considerable.

  9. The difficulty is likely to be that we live amongst the ' now' generation…that's right now…not tomorrow…they won't wait… Rolex do know what they are doing but I'm not sure the mass market is the place for them…there is a lot to be said for remaining exclusive 👍

  10. On a recent visit to the Rolex store in Milton Keynes they had No mens watches in stock, a crazy situation.
    Iv owned many Rolex watches and sold them. I love their watches but looking at the situation now the only people gaining are the independent dealers selling at many times over list price. What is Rolex trying to achieve with this strategy. They need to be careful as they are not the best watches on the market, their market share is driven by hype.

  11. My story is of disgraceful behaviour from a Rolex AD. I was told to purchase a ring for my other half in 2021 which cost me £2500. I was then allowed to go on an interest list for a date just Wimbledon. Two months later they call me and offer me a different datejust. I declined the one they offered me and asked for a different model. I was then told that they won’t have any Rolex for 2 years at least and that I will now need to continue purchasing jewellery to develop my relationship. Clearly this is all a lie and a scam and they are getting away with this kind of behaviour. This is supposed to be one of the largest ADs in the uk! Until Rolex stops the ADs from scamming and conning people I’m done. I have since purchased a genuine omega speedy and 2 high end super clone grade Rolex watches. The superclones are that good that when I wore them in the Rolex AD they had no idea they were clones(expensive clones). I will continue to go this route until Rolex switch on and allow my generation to buy their product.

  12. I stopped wearing my stainless datejust a few years ago because of the high cost of maintenance. I’ve since bought much cheaper quartz watches of which none were more than £300 and a couple were sub £50. I wonder if I should sell my Rolex if demand is so high ?

  13. I'm guessing their cashflow/working capital can't be too good. Focus on production of popular watches and getting them into retail. Start pushing on line sales. Be realistic.

  14. I cannot explain to myself why I would wait for what seems to be an eternity for a watch that is overpriced by at least threefold, knowing fully well that a Grand Seiko is a far better watch for a third the price. The GS value for price is the hest in the entire industry. Plus, when I wear the GS everbody believes it's real and I am not obliged to constantly convince people that I might have paid $30 000 for a fake watch. Beware Rolex, Grand Seiko is eating your lunch.

  15. aaaand add the bad attitude of plenty ADs, then the fact that plenty of them are just not knowledgeable enough, then the fact that you need to "buy more stuff" and "prove yourself". I mean, I'd love certain models, but it really doesn't sound like a very luxurious experience. And then there's the grey market, but I'm sorry, no. Other people may be willing to pay 35k for a daytona, I'm not. It's not a 35k watch to me.

  16. You know that a brand has become dysfunctional when they insult regular customers and roll out the red carpet for flippers. There is life after Rolex and other brands are now getting some much deserved attention.

  17. I've given up on Rolex long time ago. Putting steel watches 'for display only' is an insult to their customer base. I have an Oyster datejust ( 1984 ) steel / white gold and I'd like to buy another steel Rolex but I am not prepared to wait 3+ years nor beg the ADs for a watch.

  18. Rolex did not crate this but they are happy it is going on. They sell watches anyway, it makes them infamous. I would not buy a watch at these prices, no finishing on movements etc…. They are unwearable now not appealing to customers from 8-10 years ago, they are only worth buying if you put them in a safe. I sold all mine some I broke even on some I made money on. I now wear a simple Omega non sports when all hype removed was a style of watch I liked. It retails in AD with discount at £2,500, at that price I don’t care about value retention will keep it,. It stays under shirt and pullover no one knows I have it when I am out and about and insured. It is a dress model that is unlikely to be in or out of fashion. If damaged can be replaced. I am at peace now. The whole watch game is a nasty business what ever side you enter. One of the only hobbies that can create more stress, misery and anxiety that I am aware off.

  19. I am about 1.5 years into watch collecting on a luxury level. I was at a place where i had 1 vintage or a few Casio DBs and a omega tc2 digital watch. I never had a stainless colored watch or automatic watch reading about watches an history I wanted a sub. Emailed my ad told him my story came in talked to him he told me just wait 6-9 months. I came in every month and chit chatted never made a purchase there at all (he told me i didnt need to) and I got a new Cermit sub 2021 in 8 months for retail from AD. So its not impossible just gotta put in some work and a few gifts dont hurt.

  20. I don’t think Rolex is concerned AT ALL about 48% or even more people shifting to other brands. Why would they? They are not increasing production, they will always sell out. The only people that should be concerned are the grey market dealers.

  21. I sold my 116719LN and quit Rolly 3 years ago. With the market being saturated with excellent watches~ the $ was worth more than the watch… since then I've purchased an HMC Pioneer Perp. Cal., Seiko LX SNR045 and an Omega AT World Timer (fantastic piece). The only way I would buy another Rolly is if my specific dealer calls me, apologizes (for a myriad of issues), and begs me to buy anything of my choice with an 8.25% reduction on retail. Otherwise~ I've already happily moved on…

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