Roman Sharf, owner of Luxury Bazaar stopped by my office to show me some very rare watches worth almost $3MILLION!!

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  1. Roman sharf is the coolest dude and very knowledgeable about these awesome watches crazy thumps 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  2. Michael I don’t really know who you are only seen a few videos of you but you really changed my view on very wealthy folks. You seem real, down to earth, and like a really cool guy. Happy for your success. I have very little money myself right now lol, but it’s cool to watch someone like you. Inspirational. Ok good day. Anthony.

  3. I tried to find the Roman statement on Hublot research on time thing I couldn’t any but anyways the feature of time running slower and faster already invented over 100 years which anyone can see at the back of any pocket watches and some new watches such as Patek Henry Graves and that feature help adjusting time when it’s running super fast in Arabian deserts or get slower when on the top of Mt.Eve. k-2 etc. Peace

  4. I do understand the importance of Price but I think Micheal thinks too much on price. Maybe the only true love he must have is his dogs and materialistic, tangible things not true love.

    One of the things I know he does is give away his clothes when he changes his wardrobe because he said he does that throughout the year. I’m sure he takes a big tax deduction at that Along with the watches he got for his staff one year.

    I did not enjoy when he categories his employees with pay. The most you get payed the more expensive watch you get.

    I’m a legal Brazilian immigrant sense 1987 in this great nation. I came here legally with my parents and brother and we are patriots serving the armed services. I believe people in Hollywood are the lost corrupt and shallow people around.

    I liked watching this channel because of watches but now I’m done. It’s all about bragging and how much is this Mac how much is that. Look at here, 100 millions in diamonds with my RichardM!

    I think it’s not classy at all, I don’t think people like this are classy.

  5. Whenever a salesman starts talking as fast as this guy you can tell he tells every person the exact same thing. It just makes me want to turn around and wake away. every single sentence should not be a sales pitch.

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