3 Watches That Are CHEAPER and BETTER Than A ROLEX! | Jenni Elle

I am showing you 3 watches that are not only cheaper but also better than their Rolex counterpart!

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✅ | Zenith El Primero
✅ | Omega Seamaster 300
✅ | Tudor Pelagos

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Which one of these would be your favorite? And what do you think about the ‘better than Rolex’ debate? Let me know in the comments down below!

Thank you for watching!
– Jenni


  1. Hi everyone 🥰 hope you're all doing well! Make sure to check out Chrono24 here on YouTube – They've uploaded a new video with Adrian from Bark&Jack, Tim from WatchGecko, Kai from WATCHVICE, Pascal from Chrono24 and your girl right here were we talk about the current situation in the watch industry etc.!

  2. Been buying Omega for 40 years, my Sea Masters get BEATEN daily, I Worked for a Major Airline and have hit the Case and Crystal against Landing Gear and engine parts DAILY and NONE have failed running… scratched case yes. Im 100% fan of Omega, the Stylish Tank from the Swiss.

  3. I mean what do you need to be better than a rolex? 0.01% of the price and still tells the time just get a hello kitty watch and run it everywhere you'll be surprised.

  4. Rolex has a Parachrom hairspring with a Breguet overcoil formed by hand under magnification. Many if not most higher-end watch companies are moving to a necessarily flat silicon hairspring. In my experience, the overcoil gives closer positional isochronism than a flat hairspring, including silicon. Thus, these other watches are not realistically 'better' than a Rolex. But I have owned all of the other watches you describe, and they are excellent.

  5. I'm left handed and I wear my watches on my right wrist for that reason. I tried to wear my watches on my left wrist but it just felt weird. I never had – until now – a problem with the crown. But it's still nice that some companies think about us weird folk 😀

  6. Solange der vermeintliche Wert einer Uhr im Vordergrund steht, umso mehr ist der Glaube an eine gute Investition nicht zu erschüttern. Ich habe 2 hochwertige Uhren im erheblich unteren Preisbereich. Die Verarbeitung und Ganggenauigkeit,sowie das Design und der Tragekomfort ,inklusive Uhrwerk entsprechen dem,was gute Uhren sein sollen : zeitlos. Und das gute Gefühl,daß Luxus nicht immer Preistreiberei bedeutet.

  7. The best watch I've ever had was a Tag Huer chronograph. I bought it from a garage sale for about $20. It needed a little bit of servicing so I spent another $10 on it. Later on I found out the watch cost somewhere around $200-300. It was an absolute steal. And ironically it got stolen after about 5-6 years of rough use.

  8. Very nice video I just bought yesterday my first Swiss watch tissot classic it’s gorgeous I feel very cool with this watch these watches are gorgeous maybe some day I can step up to these kind of watches Iam wondering if these watches hold there value like a Rolex great 👍 video thank you for downloading

  9. It's all about brand awareness, people feel important wearing a Rolex, the funny thing about the most expensive watch is it tells the time just the same as a cheap watch, bit like an expensive car, it'll take you to the same place as a cheap one, I use to be materialistic then I realized that it's a pile of shite and it's only for self gratification, no one else gives a fk

  10. better? in what sense? all funtionalities lost their values when it comes to watch. what is left is mainly social acceptance and to a lesser degree resale value.

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