3 VERY Popular Watches I HATE !

3 VERY Popular Watches I HATE !

In this episode of Federico Talks Watches I talk about 3 very popular watches I hate! The Patek Philippe Nautilus, Rolex Yachtmaster II and the FP Journe Chronometre Bleu. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.


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  1. I agreed with you about Nautilus. MOST of the people who wear that thing are "watch pretenders" just trying to show off and copy Celebrities.
    10 years ago, they didn't even know there was a brand called PP.

  2. I kind of like the YM II in steel. I don't know, it's quirky, different, I actually like the countdown timer. I think it's a cool piece. A work colleague had the RG TT but I wasn't such a fan of that one. In steel I could definetly wear it. I don't love it enough to buy it however, let's be real. I wouldn't buy the Chonometre Bleu not the Nautilus even if I was stinking rich, just no interest in these pieces.

  3. Your profiles of the Nautilus and Yachtmaster wearers are spot on. Sounds like most of CRM Jewelers customers (and staff). 🤭

  4. If never understood how anyone who is looking at Patek could decide to buy a Nautilus. We are talking the creme de la creme when it comes to precious metals and complications and you decide to buy a steel time only sports watch with a blue dial 😑

  5. I don’t not the yacht Master 2 at all🤣 I don’t see that watch I never have and I think the same thing how on gods green but mostly blue earth did Rolex the company that says from a distance you can tell what a Rolex looks like based on its design language dose that’s fit? It doesn’t. It looks like shit

  6. Gotta agree on the Nautilus. There are tons more interesting watches from PP – especially at that pricerange.

  7. Fed I live in Miami and you couldn’t be more spot on about the YMII and the people wearing them 😂😂😂

  8. I like how you called the bracelet of the 5711 mediocre. I also agree on the lack of „pop“ of color on the Chronomètre Bleu.

  9. as pandemic started prices went up through the roof. specially with FPJ. that watch is 20k not 100k. these greedy dealers tying to milk you

  10. I had the opportunity to purchase the Nautilus in Europe over 15 years ago and the sales person was following me out door and continually dropping the price all the while I was telling him I don't like the watch. My opinion has not changed!

  11. Ouch 😢 I love the Journe CB but I’m a sucker for blue dials. Totally agree on the other two and you were fired 💥 up about the YM2

  12. Ouch 😢 I love the Journe CB but I’m a sucker for deep blue dials. Totally agree on the other two and you were fired 💥 up about the YM2

  13. Why would you mention the Yachmaster in this list? It’s one of the least popular rolexes that used to always be available in showrooms

  14. I got a Cartier Santo as I refuse to pay over retail and now have a fantastic watch, beautiful blue dial that with my Tudor Bb58 silver makes for a couple of great watches on top of the cheaper watches I own.

  15. I hate to agree but the Rolex yachtmaster is horrendous. As for Patek I prefer the Aquanaut. But one thing I know. Luxury is not paying above the retail price. 😉

  16. Actually a great video suggestion "Sport watches to buy above $50k, that' isn't overvalued". Because, I hate it too, but i understand the reason why Nautilus price gone stupid like that.. let's say i want to spend $50k – $100k on a watch. But i don't want precious metal, and i WANT 100m ++ WR. The choices of sport watches in that price range is just not very great.. so I might as well just overpay a nautilus or overpay a royal oak or something.

  17. @Federico, @James, and I just discussed the Yacht-Master. Do you have any recommendations for my NEW sleeves???

  18. I agree with you, I don’t hate the nautilus but for the price it’s ridiculous, I got a chance to try on a 5990 and it’s nice but I would much rather have a Royal Oak. Your description of the Yacht Master 2 is so accurate as I grew up in South Florida as well. It’s hideous.

  19. The Yatchmaster I on rubber strap and black bezel is so hot. But i dont like the fact that its practically just a sub with bidirectional bezel…

  20. Recently, i got a few pateks because our friends introduce us to a patek dealer. Got the new guiloche calatrava, the weekly calendar, and a 5712. ALL at retail! The calatrava, amazingly, is my current fav. Just so elegant. A simple dress watch with bland dial but i really enjoy it.

  21. Totally agree, all these watches are something I would not buy to wear even if they were 10% of they price they actually sell for.

  22. Patek Philips are literally so ugly, bulky, and BORING. It's just a piece of metal with no real design and I'm so glad you mentioned it in the video.

  23. Greetings from Dubai

    Brother we need more YouTubers and influencers like you. 👍👍👍👍👍

    We are all sick of these overhyped watches and Richie Riches fanning the hype.

  24. Thanks again! I was just looking at a Yachtmaster II yesterday, thinking I really don't like it (esp. the YACHTMASTER on the bezel).

  25. Classic Fed, 4 minute video, first minute and half intro and 2 minute content. You should move to TikTok

  26. Fed, I completely agree with all your choices (first time, I think). I have never understood the appeal of the Nautilus. BORES me to death, especially for the astronomical price it seems to demand! Who would want to spend all that money on such an ugly piece of crap? Why not buy a nice Lange or Vacheron instead? I don't get it.

    The Yachtmaster II is equally horrid but, unlike the Nautilus, at least the Rolex has a complex design that can (almost) be used to justify its existence. Almost. Sure is fugly though!

    As for the last one, I don't generally like Journe watches to begin with (at least not the design aspect), and this one certainly doesn't make me appreciate them any more. Leaves me cold. And slightly sick to my stomach.

    And don't even get me started on Richard Mille's puke-inducing abominations …

  27. I recall your saying you didn't like the Rolex Cellini either, though that doesn't fit your first criterion of being a popular watch.

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