2022 ROLEX PREDICTIONS WITH: Jenni Elle, Bark & Jack, The Timeless Watch Channel & MORE

This year’s Gringa Cup Competitors include some of my greatest friends and my YouTube heroes:
@Paul Thorpe Watch Dealer @THE MAD WATCH COLLECTOR @Jenni Elle @Bark and Jack @The Timeless Watch Channel

What is the Gringa Cup? Excellent question. As it is something I just made up 5 weeks ago. So the Gringa Cup is one of the most elusive, sought after trophies in all of Europe. The Gringa Cup is a sign of honour, prestige, and class. You win the Gringa Cup by guessing the most correct Rolex Predictions of 2022. Why Rolex? Because I’m a Rolex fan girl w@nker.

So competitors have entered their top Rolex predictions. And now, we await until Watches and Wonders 2022 to see who got the most correct!

In all seriousness, this was just hopefully a light hearted way to end the year & to get excited for the 2022 watch offerings! Guys, I had such a blast making this video. Biggest thank you EVER to the wonderful: Jenni Elle, Adrian of Bark and Jack, Paul Thorpe, Oisin of the Timeless Watch Channel, and Russell of the Mad Watch Collector for taking the time to make these videos, edit them, and send them over to little old ME!

I’ve never been so excited for a collab ever. I don’t deserve your friendship guys! Thank you!

0:00-2:26 – INTRO
2:27-3:38 – BARK AND JACK
3:39-4:41 – JENNI ELLE
4:42-6:43 – PAUL THORPE
11:32-13:32 – WATCH GRINGA
13:33-13:42 – SUMMARY
13:42-15:23 – OUTRO


  1. An honour not only to be part of your show but to be in amongst a bunch of fantastic watch content creators ! I would guarantee if a sausage dial OP came out next year there would still be a waiting list!!!!!;)

  2. Nicely made, thanks! My personal prediction for Rolex, not in 2022, but within the next year(s): the cases of some of the sports models will become smaller again returning to a more classy vintage look. They are actually as oversized as skinny jeans are too skinny.

  3. Cool video, it’s always fun to try to predict the future. Here are my « predictions/desires :

    – New Milgauss (at least a movement update but I can see a new dial)
    – Bye bye Air-King (a new one more true to the older design will be released but not right now. Maybe in 2025 for the 80 years of the model)
    – I would love to see more colors for the Sub. Imagine a blue no-date oyster 🤩
    – For the OP, maybe some colors will be stopped and/or replace by a pure white dial 🙂

  4. you know what is my prediction? all rolex will just be released as NFT. since it's impossible to buy it from any of their retail shops and dealers are just trading amongst themselves.

  5. I think Paul Thorpe will win. I don't know that the Tiffany Blue OP will be discontinued, but I think they will add 1-3 colours (like how I de-Americanized my spelling there?), and also get rid of 1-2 colours that are selling the least well of the bunch. I do think we will see something in Titanium from them, and that's kind of the unexpected (if it weren't for that leaked photo). In my dreams, they would release a bigger Explorer again, in addition to the 36mm released last year. I do also like the Hulk in yellow gold. I hadn't thought about that, but it makes a lot of sense. I wish I could spend a week inside Rolex, just to get an idea how how they work and discuss product. I think it would be completely fascinating.

  6. Hahha great vid. First time viewer and i like your style. My predictions? Price increase, more subtle updates to current models, maybe more green dials since those are in. It would be awesome to see em release an entirely new design and line up. I would love to own and Explorer but their prices are insane and will continue to rise.

  7. Prediction:
    In 2022 Tudor will modify the P01 by replacing the crown and converting the quirky bezel to the winder similar to the UN Freak. Revealing the deep engineering logic, design continuity and further demonstrating engineering synergies with Marine Nationale.

    This plan was conceived in 1959 by Hans Wilsdorf's and now finally they are executing his intention.
    Furthermore giving us an explanation as to why they delayed the Prototype launch by over 60 years.
    Now having solved the earlier design flaws the US Navy SWCC will finalize the approval of the Milspec contract with Tudor.
    Expect to see this release on March 22, 2022 coinciding with Hans Wilsdorf's 140th Birthday .

    Exceeding Tudor standards the updated P01 is now ready to be serve up like a fine Armagnac, all according to plan, Ah Oui!
    Am I eligible for the Gringa Cup?

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