20 of the Best Watch Dials You Can Get for the Money


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The strongest visual aspect of a watch that initially draws you in is without a doubt the dial. For me personally, the dial is the most important starting place in falling for any watch, even perhaps more than the caliber inside. In this video, I’ll take a look at some of the best watch dials you can get from the truly affordable up to around $2,000.

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Timex Marlin Day/Date:
Orient Symphony III:
Seiko Cocktail Times:
Seiko SPRF41 and SRPF53:
Laco Casablanca:
Seiko SRPD09:
Bulova “Fly Me to the Moon”:
Doxa Sub 200:
Tissot Gentleman:
Seiko SPB167:
Mühle Glashütte Panova Blau:
Junghans Max Bill Auto:
NOMOS Club Campus 38:
Oris Big Crown Pointer Date:
Longines Heritage Classic Sector:

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  1. awesome picks.. at under 2k, i was also expecting to see the SARX055 or the SPB095 arita porcelain but hey i guess that would be too many seikos lol.. thanks for the list!

  2. God, I love them all! Those vendors should be paying you some commissions, I'm getting that Sinn with that crazy orange dial, 4 grand no way, 2 is ok for some funky fun colors. Thanks for this video, I've watched it three times already. You're my favorite watch dude with reasonable lower priced models. That is a niche!

  3. I still think the Mondaine railway dial is the easiest to read by a long way. Yes it's bold, but clean; and being elegantly understated overall. Just got a Stop2Go, and with a couple of different straps it's so versatile.
    I did have a Longines Conquest VHP titanium (21st b'day present, now gone…), but although it looked nice and was very, very accurate (I measured the rate at losing 4s in a year on mine) it wasn't actually easy to tell the time with a quick glance.
    I do like the Seiko approach to dials – next on my wish list!

  4. Dials are nice, but I'd probably appreciate a plastic dial just as much if it had a cool design. Tbh these already may be plastic for all I know.

  5. Agree with your comment on Seiko dials – Mmy favourite Seiko is the Presage Cocktail Negroni Red SRPE41J1. However for an different direction in a budget automatic how about 'James McCabe Heritage Automatic'

  6. That Longines Heritage blue hands with symmetrical quadrants is stunning. The pearly ring encasing the numbers is eye catching. A bit out of budget but can be a grail piece for the frugal gent. I am loving my Hamilton American Classic Boulton Hand-Wind. Just purchased it. I love the off white dial, blue hands, Roman Numbers and rail railroad seconds track. What are your thoughts on it? It is a bit large to truly be considered a dress watch but I am loving to wear it when dressed up.

  7. Unpopular opinion coming through

    Teddy, how likely would it be to get a top 10 (or however many) video for Bulova watches? You seem to mention a few of them but people only really know a couple such as the Lunar Pilot, the stars and stripe, devil diver, etc.

    Perhaps two category where you would have watches that are more recognizable and the other is “the best bang for your buck” from Bulova.

  8. I know you didn't want this to be a seiko only video but you missed the white face prospex as well as the green and the one with the mantas ! Seiko does come out with some nice faces for sure.

  9. Man……you just love dress watches……didn’t you? Unfortunately, I don’t wear dress watches( they will be destroyed by my everyday uses or the nature of my job) they are so useless to me…..but they do look great…..for me…..the Seiko Save the ocean “blue” manta ray dial is the most mesmerizing and stunning to me to look at……no offence…..all these dress watches dial just look like wallpaper, wall paint finishes on someone house wall to me!!!!! Off topic…. How come you never rock or review some serious Gshocks or Marathon military watches at all? Yeah, yeah, yeah I know you like Sinn…..they are overhyped hipster watches…..never meet anyone in my related profession wear a Sinn at work!!!! Gshock, marathon…..many many many! Like to see you wear a master of G watch for a change!

  10. Timex Marlin Automatic looks like Timex are going back to there origins , I’m 5sure 53yrs old and my first ever watch was a manual wind Timex watch boys watch which was also used by the military around the World.

  11. 11:38

    Excuse me?
    How can anyone put acrylic on a watch over 200$ and be serious?

    This company is a joke, right?

    I wont even buy a 600$ watch if it isnt sapphire. Who does this company think they are? 1100$ for acrylic lmfao.

  12. I like the omega pie pan constellation with arrowhead markers for a nice dial.
    I've flat out stopped entering giveaways. I've entered hundreds of watch giveaways through the years at almost any website and channel you can name, but never had a drop of luck. I dont believe in giveaways anymore. If you go fishing in every fishing hole you can find for a decade and put in the effort, but never get a single bite, you just get over the whole idea of fishing.

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