20 Affordable Watches Even Watch Snobs Can't Hate

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Watch collecting, like many other hobbies, can have its snobs who act as gatekeepers and put down newer enthusiasts. I strongly dislike that kind of sentiment and truly believe watches are for everyone and anyone. So today, we’re going to be taking a look at around 20 watches that you just can’t hate, no matter how big of a watch snob you may be. These are picks that are well known, well respected, and all under $1,000.

Full Reviews of Watches Mentioned in this Video:
Orient Bambino:
Seiko Turtle vs. Seiko LX:
Seiko Samurai:
Seiko Sumo:
Seiko Cocktail Time:
Seiko SARB033:
Seiko SARX045:
Seiko SARX033:
Seiko 5 DressKX:
Tissot Visodate:
Tissot Gentleman:
Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical:
Hamilton Khaki Field Auto:
Hamilton Murph:

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  1. I‘ll go for the Seilo Sax045. Love the looks.
    Great glasses btw, can you please tell me the manufacturer/type? I would like to check them out too 😁

  2. Just avoid the fake Chinese movements in things like Vincero or any of the fake watch clubs selling fake crap…. its funny that those brands say they are saving you money buy selling you a $20 watch for $200

  3. My Citizen eco drive stainless is the best watch I've seen. I can snorkel with it, wear it with a Dinner jacket. No winding winding or battery replacement. Keeps excellent time.

  4. I have most of these, ahah, I guess I've been watching you and other watch channels a bit too much

  5. I'm kinda jealous, I never meet watch snobs. Overall, aside from the fun theme, this is a great selection of affordable watches.

  6. The SKX price increase has been insane. I bought my 007 a few years back for like $150. Now it’s 4x that or more.

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  10. The concept of getting respect because of the watch you wear is so dumb mate.
    People were created to be loved.
    Things were created to be used.
    Alas things are loved and people are used.

    Anyway my Omega Seamaster is the bollocks

  11. Great selection of watches. I love the Bulova Moon watch. But you should never purchase anything to impress someone else. Buy something that you like and will enjoy.

  12. I have a Tissot Gentleman and Orient Mako 3, and so happy with them! Couldn't care less what the snobs think.

  13. I don't own any watch at the moment but I will make a comment on any watch here! should have gone the affordable vintage route.

  14. Vostok Komandirskie, tankist version, rarer edition with the crown on number 2 instead of 3 (doesn't stab my wrist)

    I paid 25€ for it and I have received a ton of compliments and questions about it. Even though the watch ain't worth much in money it got a ton of sentimental value after being with me every day for over 2 years

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