12 Watches That Was Made Only For Millionaires

A small Planetarium on your wrist, enchanting birds, and a watch working on the energy of magnetic fields, this is an amazing release that will be appreciated by connoisseurs of high watchmaking art and just fans of cool intricate mechanisms performing one simple act of telling time.


  1. These stupid retarded watches aren't snooty enough. They only get one lousy snob point each out of a possible 100 snob points. Also their arrogance factor is way too low. Cheap worthless pieces of junk these things are,… what a joke. 🤣

  2. If you have the skull watch, how the hell do you know the minutes?? Imagine asking someone for the time and they have this. "Oh, it's five-something." You: "What? 5:30 or 5:25?" "Just five-something." 😂

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