12 Awesome Microbrand Watches You Should Have On Your Radar in 2021 (Updated Blog with 40+ Brands)

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One type of video you guys are always requesting in the comments section is more microbrand coverage. I’m pleased to inform you that today is the day. In this video, I’ll be taking a look at some of the best microbrand watches you can get in 2021. We also have an updated comprehensive blog over on TeddyBaldassarre.com with over 40 more microbrands, so be sure to check that out as well.

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  1. The Brew is even better in the flesh. It has a fantastic feel of quality and weight. I bought it after seeing this video a few weeks ago but had to wait for the next issue batch which sold out in hours. I would highly recommend this piece as an every day watch as it holds its own for quality (in my humble opinion) and durability.

    Great work Teddy, keep up the well informed reviews.

  2. Hey Teddy, I am a pretty new fan to your channels, an enthusiast coming from pieces like Orient Bambino to just recently purchasing an Omega DeVille.
    I sometimes like to take a look at some microbrands / start-ups as they often offer interesting pieces for a great price.
    At the beginning of 2021 I have purchased a beautiful dress watch from Beaubleu – a Paris based startup, called olymp blanc, and from that moment I just cant take my eyes from the dial. Maybe a brand you might want to take a look at? Would be wonderful to see you review it, having your opinion on the brand and the watch itself 🙂

  3. Wow, Formex is a micro-brand ?! That’s quite amazing when you look at what they are offering. The specs are impressive with in-house developed technologies.
    They are so impressive that I would not think of Formex as a micro-brand. 😱 💯👌👍😎
    Don’t know all of the brands in that list but I’ll keep an eye on.
    Baltic is one of my favorite for their design and quality in all aspects. Big fan. 😎
    Anordain is kind of a ’niche’ as they are very specific in their craftsmanship but those dial are really amazing. Can’t argue with that.
    I would have added Lorier to the list. Like Baltic they go for vintage inspired design. Classic, clean and simple with quality. 😎👌👍

  4. Price of Microbrands reach like price of a decent Omega, Breatling or Chopard.I know that every watch has his buyer , but to give 3000 usd for microbrand watch, thats like really bold move when u know u will losse 50% of price when u put it on your wrist…

  5. Teddy… yet another great video… I’m not likely to ever own a Rolex, Tudor or Omega let alone a Patek Philippe… so as a new lover of watches and watch collecting these videos allow me to be educated on watches within my scope of disposable income… much appreciated!

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