10 of the BEST Military Inspired Watches – Hamilton, Bulova, Seiko, Oris & MORE

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Among the list of the most iconic watches, there are a number of designs with military roots, as mechanical watches were once an absolute necessity for military members before the advent of quartz timekeeping. So in this video, what I wanted to do was to share some of the best modern watches with overall design concepts rooted in military history. This isn’t meant to be a list of watches for modern military members to actually use, but rather a study on how the military has influenced the overall world of watch design and style.

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  1. You refer to the Alpinist as having weak military roots. Seiko did supply watches to the Japanese military in WWII. If anything the Alpinist is reminiscent of one of their pilot watches.

  2. I forgot to state; if you only suggest one for me the second, which brings me to two in total, will be brought for my father as a xmas gift. He is not a watch enthusiast, he just needs a good quality everyday watch. Now, guide me through brother. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hey Teddy, I really enjoy your channel and your breath of knowledge and enthusiasm on watches. I have a request before xmas 2021. Sorry for the demand brother. 😀. From your channel, I am looking for a Longines and Oris. My budget is 4,200 max. I would like a everyday sports watch, and a dive watch. I am a IT project manager. I am looking for a everyday office and causal sports watch, and a spring and summer dive watch that holds value, looks conservative, and good resale value. I have a kakey king automatic Hamilton, a seiko, citizen chronograph, and a casio gym watch. What are your suggestions brother.

  4. Nice clip. I think there's a military watch for everyone because it's a large field. Laco recently released the two new models "Stuttgart" and "Karlsruhe" (design model A and B) in 3 different case sizes each that you can configure perfectly to the variation that you like best. Until the release I was sure to buy a Flieger Klassik from Stowa because I have a wrist size of 6.5 inches and the original case design by Laco didn't fit my small wrists. But now I think I'll take a look at the Laco Karlsruhe because I already own a Marine Klassik from Stowa, because of the new case design by Laco and 200 m (!!!) of WR.

  5. Nice video though everyone loves the luxury lifestyle…but Why is no one here talking about bitcoin.. now's the best time to buy the dip and it's an opportunity that will grant you all the luxury you crave for☺️

  6. This is more of the reasons I started watching Teddy in the first place. There are already LOTS of videos about watches "in the $150 range" and I prefer to get information on things more toward grail or watches in that direction.

  7. Seems like in your videos that you just pick watches that you sell on your website. Bulova is overpriced trash and the Seiko Willard was actually used by servicemen in Vietnam, as opposed to the Alpinist which has no military history.

  8. Being in the military and recently becoming fascinated with the world of watches I can’t get enough of these types of videos! Also I would say G-Shocks are the most ubiquitous among active duty wrists. That’s the watch that was my gate way into this world & now I’m hooked!

  9. Just received the CWC G10 Sapphire and I love it. With a screw-down crown and 200m of wr, it's tempered my immediate desire for a U50. Although, I won't kid myself, the U50 will be mine at some point. For now, I'm loving the CWC.

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